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Teacher convention in Southern Norway: “Leave your car at home on Friday”

On Friday 18 October, around 2,500 teachers from all over Agder will come to Campus Kristiansand. It is nice but will also present challenges to parking. The teacher convention is therefore a good day for you to cycle, go by bus or walk to work. The students in Kristiansand won’t have any lessons that day. 

Storinnrykk av kursdeltakere til Sørlandsk lærerstevne gjør at ansatte og studenter på Campus Kristiansand blir oppfordret til å la bilen stå hjemme i garasjen og heller sykle, gå eller ta buss fredag 18. oktober. (Garasjeillustrasjon: Pexels.com)
A large influx of participants to Sørlandsk teacher convention means that staff and students on Campus Kristiansand are encouraged to use alternative methods of transport and avoid driving to campus on Friday 18 October.

“We expect more than 2,500 participants to this year’s teacher convention. It’s great that there is so much interest, and we are pleased that so many want to visit us. But at the same time, we are presented with some challenges when it comes to parking. UiA’s staff and students on Campus Kristiansand are therefore requested to walk, cycle or use public transport on Friday 18 October”, says Senior Adviser Ingvild Torjussen Gjone in the Division of Human Resources. 

“Please schedule your meetings on Campus Grimstad”

Parking is often a challenge on Campus Kristiansand, but this large event with so many external visitors from all over Agder is especially challenging. Many of the teachers attending the convention arrive by car.

“If possible, it would be great if no meetings are scheduled on Campus Kristiansand on that particular day.”

UiA staff who for various reasons still need to go by car to work that day, should park in the staff parking area on the west side of campus, P8 and P9 near the new UiA park, as long as there are spaces available there.

Another option of course, is to leave your car at a car park off campus and take a bus – or walk from the car park near Prestheia sports field on Gimlekollen. A morning and afternoon walk may be nice. 

An extra push for the Cycle to Work Scheme

Ingvild Torjussen Gjone also wants to remind staff that UiA takes part in the Drive Green Campaign (in Norwegian) also this year. 

“Friday is a great opportunity to gather a lot of points and strengthen our position. Last year, UiA came second in the group of large enterprises, and it would have been great if we could win this year. It would be another step on the road to a greener workplace”, Ingvild Gjone says.