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Students help students with difficult subjects

Three female student assistants have been recruited to help fellow students in the mechanics course in the mechatronics bachelor’s programme.

Bilde av studenter i mekatronikk
Katrine Als Hansen, Ingeborg Rasmussen and Astrid Eggum have an important role as student assistants in mechanics at UiA.

“It is fun to help other students with a difficult subject. Mechanics is fundamental to the bachelor’s programme in mechatronics, and what you learn will be useful throughout your degree “, says Ingeborg Rasmussen, student assistant in mechanics.

Last autumn, the mechatronics programme recruited student assistants in several subjects. There were 10 applicants for the subject of mechanics. The ones who landed the jobs were three female students.

“This study programme is not just for boys. I applied to the bachelor’s programme in mechatronics at UiA because I’m fond of science. The programme is demanding but manageable if you’re interested in science”, Rasmussen says.

Rasmussen, Katrine Als Hansen and Astrid Eggum are in their second year of mechatronics. They now help fellow students with exercises as a part-time job. They also attend the lectures in mechanics. The goal is to help students with the subject and inspire enthusiasm for mechanics and the mechatronics programme.

Gaining understanding of the subject

They remember what it was like to have a student assistant. You get a different understanding of the subject when you talk to a student assistant who has recently had the subject.

Førsteamanuensis Ali Poursina ved Institutt for ingeniørvitskap på UiA.

Associate Professor Ali Poursina at the Department of Engineering Sciences at UiA.

“They often explain things in a different and simpler way. We try to pass this on to the new students”, says Rasmussen.

In addition to helping other students, they also gain a better understanding of the subject.

“I understand so much more now than when we had the subject last year. We try to look at what we experienced as difficult and address that”, says Rasmussen.

An important link

Associate Professor Ali Poursina teaches mechanics to students in the second semester of the first year. About 100 students take the subject.

“I'm glad that these three got the job. There are few women on the programme, but the ones we have are really skilled! They are good role models for both male and female mechanics students. They have shown skills and been curious and enthusiastic the whole time”, says Poursina.

Poursina explains that these are the qualities UiA wants to transmit to current students in the subject.

The student assistants participate in face-to-face and online teaching and help students with exercises. It is important for the students to have good interaction with both fellow students and the teacher Poursina.

“The student assistants are an important link between us as teachers and the students. They help us see what the students struggle to understand and what we can do better”, he says.