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Student lectures from Monday 16 March

All teaching facilities of the University of Agder are closed in the period between 12- 26 March 2020. Even so, the continuation of study programmes and the study progression of students remains the most crucial task for UiA during the coming period.

Morten Brekke in a studio
UiAs teachers have various methods of online teaching availible.

Lecturers should continue their teaching activities as initially planned in the schedule as much as possible to avoid collision with other teaching activities.

“Our priority is the study progression of our students. We aim to offer digital teaching solutions to our students in as far as possible. Even though we do not facilitate streaming from our university premises, we trust that our lecturers in collaboration with our administrative staff will succeed in setting up other adequate solutions”, says Rector Sunniva Whittaker.

Lecturers should make sure to inform their students how the teaching session will occur, preferably via the digital learning platform Canvas.  They can choose between several different pedagogic technical tools. We have prepared a guideline on how to teach digitally.

The UiA help desk

Lectures who need assistance to prepare their lesson plan digitally may contact the UiA help desk. They will handle all requests and will further coordinate with any required supporting resources. 

The UiA help desk will be open on Saturday 14 March for those lecturers who are unsure about the technical user aspects of the tools until teaching sessions start on Monday 16 March. We plan to offer digital training for lecturers at the University’s Faculties. The Faculties will receive more detailed information about this on Monday 16 March.

UiA Help’s opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-15:30

UiA Crisis management

Crisis management has been in place at the University of Agder for several days now, and crisis management is also installed at the faculties and the Teacher Education Unit. Fixed regular meetings take place, centrally as well as at the faculties/Teacher Education Unit, to manage the situation continuously.

“It is incredibly positive to see how the whole organisation takes this seriously and how both students and staff contribute to our share of this volunteering work for the benefit of society. I would like to accentuate how crucial it is that we all follow the national advice to reduce transmission, and limit our free-time travels to the absolute necessity, says University Director Seunn Smith-Tønnessen.

A special thanks to UiA staff

Both the Rector and the University Director are impressed with the efforts of many employees during this situation.  

“We would like to express our special thanks to those numerous employees who have shown extraordinary flexibility and eagerness to assist in finding adequate solutions for our students and other co-workers. It is inspiring to lead an organisation that shows so much willingness to help out in a situation of crisis. Together we contribute to reducing the infection transmission by adhering to the national measures and participating in this enormous societal effort”, says Rector Sunniva Whittaker.