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Student entrepreneurs using blockchain technology to develop a new exciting app-DeeGram

Robin A. R. Moudnib and Sondre Flovik have created an app called DeeGram, or Decentralized Telegram. DeeGram is a democratized and decentralized social media based on blockchain technology to reward interactive users with digital currency.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

From left to right: Robin A. R. Moudnib and Sondre Flovik.

By Ingrid Dihle

Robin Amir Rondestvedt Moudnib, student at UiA and CEO of Decentralize IT AS, has created the upcoming app DeeGram together with Sondre Flovik, CTO of the company and fellow student at UiA.
DeeGram will be launched this summer, and rewards users for sharing content such as pictures, music, books and articles. The idea is to make sharing of information profitable for the user. The more attention the content attracts through likes and interaction, the more profitable it will be for the user in the form of digital currency.

The idea of DeeGram started last summer when Moudnib worked with blockchain technology. He discovered the webpage Steemit, a social networking blockchain-based rewards platform for blogging and publishing. Together with Flovik he developed a mobile version, using blockchain technology to reward content creation and interaction with digital currency.

Robin Moudnib and Sondre Flovik have a great network of professors and other students at UiA supporting them in the process of creating the app. “We are very proud of everything we have achieved,” Moudnib says.

Currently Decentralize IT have several undergraduate interns working on further developing and completing the app, which will be launched this summer.

Specializing in blockchain technology

By rewarding user interaction with digital currency, DeeGram introduces an easy way of converting digital value to local currency. While the exchange rate of digital currency varies based on global demand, DeeGram provides continual updated data on the users’current worth of digital value.

Moudnib and Flovik specialize in blockchain technology and want to establish Decentralize IT as a regional leading business with top skills on decentralized solutions and technology. The main focus is to be an advanced company within competence and knowledge of blockchain technology, and the goal is to have several employees working full-time at the company within the end of their Master’s degree, next spring.

“It takes work, but we are very prepared to see this through,” Moudnib says.

Moudnib and Flovik are currently working with UiA Nyskaping, an organization at UiA helping students and employees at the university come up with innovative ideas. “We are very appreciative to all the help we have received, from professors at the university and other students,” Moudnib says.

Blockchain is becoming a more accredited technology. DeeGram is unique with its feature of allowing a more legitimate framework for promotion and advertisement. Blockchain technology allows the authentication of transactions without needing to be administered or guaranteed by a central authority. DeeGram is developed to use digital currency, which through blockchain technology allows a decentralized and more legitimatized method for transaction.

While managing their company Decentralize IT AS, Robin A. R. Moudnib and Sondre Flovik are currently enrolled in a Master’s programme in Information Systems at UiA.