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Several cases of coronavirus confirmed

A student using the reading room in B3 on Campus Kristiansand on Thursday has tested positive on a rapid test. Several students on Campus Kristiansand have tested positive for Covid on PCR tests over the last few days. The numbers of cases have increased both in Kristiansand and in Grimstad.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.


The student who tested positive was in the reading room in B3 on Thursday 25 November between 08:30 and 15:00. The student does not know who or how many were there at that time. Those who were in B3 during this time are advised to look out for coronavirus symptoms.

Thursday, we received information that three students have confirmed coronavirus. Fellow students and other close contacts have received information and are requested to look out for symptoms. There have been more notifications of positive coronavirus tests at UiA lately, and the preparedness manager is pleased that so many people take responsibility and inform about the situation. UiA notifies fellow students on behalf of the contact tracers in the municipality as per agreement.

Exams and Christmas vacation

All of us – both students and staff – should be especially aware of symptoms. Exams have started and the Christmas vacation will soon begin.

No local measures have been introduced either in Grimstad or in Kristiansand. The mayor in Kristiansand is meeting with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to discuss possible local measures, and the Minister of Health is considering whether to change the coronavirus strategy, according to the tabloid VG.

“Being sensible is allowed. This is not the time to shake hands”, says the preparedness manager at UiA Jan Egil Heinecke.

Follow the general national infection prevention guidelines – and feel free to wear a mask in public where keeping a distance is difficult, such as when using public transport.

The one metre distance is still efficient if it is kept at 100 centimetres.

Follow infection prevention guidelines – and get tested!

This is the season for common colds and distinguishing between the symptoms of a cold and Covid is difficult. You can read about the symptoms on HelseNorge, but you are strongly advised to get tested if you notice symptoms.

You will find a list of practical tips in Coronavirus and UiA for where and how to get tested or vaccinated, and also general advice on how to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus.

  • Stay at home if you are ill
  • Wash your hands or sanitise them often
  • Maintain a distance in public locations