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Revised guidelines due to the pandemic

Through 22 January all teaching will be carried out digitally and employees will as a main rule work from home. The campuses will be held open, and external internships will follow their current plan when possible.


UPDATE 14 JANUARY: The guidelines are today extended through Friday 22 January.


On Sunday 3 January, UiA’s strategic crisis management held a meeting to see how the new national guidelines will affect the university in the coming weeks.

No on-campus teaching – continued internships

All teaching is to be carried out digitally, and there will be no teaching with physical attendance on or off campus through 22January. Teaching that can be carried out digitally will not be postponed. Any changes will be announced in Canvas.

In subjects where digital teaching is not possible, students will receive a notice about changes in Canvas. All students have to stay current with information provided though Canvas.

External internships will when possible continue as planned. 

University of Agder - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

University of Agder - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

Open campuses

Common areas, the University Library and study halls will be held open as normal. This includes the Global Lounge. Students can meet on campus, as long as Covid-19 guidelines are followed.

Employees in green t-shirts (“trivelsvakter”) will be present at campus from week 4 to ensure student safety and well-being.

Employees will be working from home

From 4 January through 22 January, working from home is the main rule for employees. In other words, all those who can work from home will do that.

Employees with questions about their work situation can direct these to their Faculty Director, the director of the division they are working in or a leader that has coordinated this in their department previously (e. g. Head of Department). Faculty directors and directors in administrative units have the authority to make exemptions from the main rule when necessary. 

Our campuses are open.

Following up students

There is a task force at work to find measures in order to follow up our students in this demanding time. More information about these measures will follow.

Keep the infection control guidelines in mind

  1. Stay at home if you are ill or develop respiratory symptoms
  2. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often
  3. Social distancing is important – keep at least a one-metre distance
  4. Limit the number of close contacts you have as best you can. Keep track of the people you have been in contact with for more than 15 minutes within two metres of each other.