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Researchers’ Grand Prix: Is it your turn now?

Are you a PhD Research Fellow in Agder with a sense of communication? Join the Researchers’ Grand Prix 2021! Learn science communication and present your research in a big show in Kristiansand on Thursday 23 September. Application deadline is 26 April.

Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw and Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen on stage, photo
HAPPY WINNERS: Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw and Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen won the Agder final in last year's Researchers’ Grand Prix.

Are you a PhD Research Fellow in Agder and want to learn more about dissemination and how you can present your exciting research to a bigger audience?

What is the Researchers’ Grand Prix?


At Researchers’ Grand Prix, the region's PhD Research Fellows  participate in a competition in science communication. The Agder final will be held on Kick Scene in Kristiansand on Thursday 23 September.

Do you want to meet and discuss communication with research fellows from other disciplines? Learn communication from professional communicators? Challenge yourself to take the stage in front of an audience and TV cameras?

Researcher’s Grand Prix is ​​an excellent chance for PhD Research Fellows to learn and pratice science communication. The participants receive training in how to reach their large audience with their research.

The participants also receive help to make two presentations on a topic of their choice about their research. In four minutes, they will convince the audience in the hall and a panel of judges about who is the best communicator. A host directs the show, which is also streamed to an audience outside the theatre.

The three who reach the top in the first round, advance to the final, where they get another four minutes to excite and engage the audience, who cast their votes with their mobile phones.

Who can participate?

Anita Øgård-Repål on stage, photo

TALENT: The participants go through a four-month course in the dissemination of scientific topics under the auspices of the Communication Department at UiA. Here from last year when Anita Øgård-Repål presented her research on Kick Scene.

The good Researchers’ Grand Prix participant has a strong desire to communicate from his research work and to learn more about research communication! All PhD students at the University in Agder, NORCE, Sørlandet Hospital and the Institute of Marine Research Flødevigen are invited to join, but other PhD students working at a company in Agder can also participate. 

To join, the applicant must write a short text of no more than 150 words that clearly states what you are working on (about half an A-4 page). Submit the registration form by 26 April! Participants must speak Norwegian or English well.

Training in science communication

Those who join paticipate in a science communication training course under the auspices of the Communication Department at UiA in the spring and early autumn of 2021.

The offer consists of four mandatory gatherings in June and early autumn, as well as individual follow-up between the gatherings - and participation in the regional final. The regional meetings are held:

2 June at 1 pm - 5 pm (subject to change)

7 June - 18 June - Individual guidance

1 September at 1 pm - 5 pm

15 September - full day

23 September: Researcher Grand Prix regional final in Kristiansand

The Research Council in Norway and the annual national research festival Forskningsdagene hosts the Researchers' Grand Prix. In Agder, the University of Agder heads the training of the candidates and arranges the regional competition.


Contact Head of Information Jan Arve Olsen in the Communications Department at UiA, e-mail jan.a.olsen@uia.no.