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Researchers’ Grand Prix: Eva Mari Andreassen won with presentation on communication between healthcare workers

“Great fun, absolutely fantastic! I am very, very happy now”, Eva Mari Andreassen said, who won the terrific Researchers’ Grand Prix show at Kick Scene on Thursday evening.


HAPPY WINNER: Eva Mari Andreasen took the victory in this year’s Researchers’ Grand Prix Agder. (Photo: Kjell Inge Søreide)

The PhD Research Fellow at the Department of Health and Nursing Sciences at UiA delivered a convincing presentation of her research project, where the focus is on structured and precise communication between health workers when a patient is scheduled for surgery.

70 per cent of medicals errors in hospitals are due to communication failures. In her work, the researcher therefore focuses on the communication tool ISBAR - a communication method where both the person who starts the conversation and the person who receives it can understand and follow a sequence of what is communicated so that the information conveyed is precise. Her focus is on how nursing students learn to use ISBAR when providing information about a patient to a colleague.

A packed house

I FARTA: Deltakerne har gjennomgått et fire måneder langt kurs i formidling av vitenskapelige tema i regi av Kommunikasjonsavdelingen ved UiA. Her er Magnus Ivar Aagaard Skeie fra Kystverket/Handelshøyskolen ved UiA på scenen og forteller innlevende om forskningen hans på betalingsvillighet og prisfastsetting på uberørt natur.

IN ACTION: The participants have undertaken the four-month long training in research dissemination offered by the Division of Communication at UiA. Here, Magnus Ivar Aagaard Skeie from the Norwegian Coastal Administration/the School of Business and Law at UiA is on stage and talks passionately about his research on willingness to pay and pricing of untouched nature.

The nine PhD students who presented their research on Thursday all delivered great presentations for a packed hall.

In addition to Andreassen, the audience was captivated by the dissemination skills of Bodil Kvernenes Norsett from Ansgar University College, Thomas Bjerregaard Bertelsen from The Hospital of Southern Norway, Tina Elinor Rosland from The Hospital of Southern Norway, Rune Hovland Skoe from UiA, Helen Kolb from UiA/Ansgar University College, Maren Songe Eriksen from UiA, Magnus Ivar Aagaard Skeie from UiA and Marthe Elden Wilhelmsen from UiA - all research fellows - in Agder.

DOMMERNE: Fra venstre: Siren Marcussen Neset, Siv Kristin Sællmann og Lars Emil Nielsen. (Foto: Kjell Inge Søreide)

THE JUDGES: From left: Siren Marcussen Neset, Lars Emil Nielsen and Siv Kristin Sællmann. (Photo: Kjell Inge Søreide)

Judges impressed

Both the audience and the judging panel were impressed by the presentations on stage.

“It was not difficult to be impressed by either the research or the presentation by the winner. But I’m glad I got to hear the other presentations as well. Although they didn’t win, both the content and presentation were relevant and great. It is incredibly important for researchers to be able to present their work in public, and in a way that ordinary people can understand”, says journalist Siv Kristin Sællmann, who together with actor Lars Emil Nielsen and Siren Marcussen Neset in NORCE made up the judging panel.

DELTAKERNE: Fra høyre: Marthe Elden Wilhelmsen, Thomas Bertelsen, Bodil Kvernenes Nørsett, Tina Ellinor Rosland, Maren Songe Eriksen, Rune Skoe, Eva Mari Andreasen, Helen Kolb og Magnus Ivar Aagaard Skeie. (Foto: Kjell Inge Søreide)

THE PARTICIPANTS: From right: Marthe Elden Wilhelmsen, Thomas Bertelsen, Bodil Kvernenes Nørsett, Tina Ellinor Rosland, Maren Songe Eriksen, Rune Skoe, Eva Mari Andreasen, Helen Kolb and Magnus Ivar Aagaard Skeie. (Photo: Kjell Inge Søreide)

Researchers’ Grand Prix Agder is one of several events during National Science Week, which take place every year in the latter half of September.

In Agder, the University of Agder, the Hospital of Southern Norway, the research institute NORCE and a number of other research and expert organisations participate in various events.