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QR codes and face masks at Campus Kristiansand

Kristiansand municipality has implemented further restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This will also affect UiA’s Campus Kristiansand. 

Face masks and hand sanitiser

These are local regulations and do not apply to Campus Grimstad.

Here are the two measures directly affecting our campus in Kristiansand.

Face masks

Kristiansand municipality decided on 23 February 2021 that they want face masks to be used in public places where keeping a distance is not always possible.

In practice, this means that face coverings should be worn in common areas such as the entrance hall, canteen and other settings where  distancing measures are difficult to maintain. This applies until 4 March.

Face masks are not mandatory when walking through a common area, but if you are standing in a group or in a queue and the distance is less than a metre - they should be worn. There are no exceptions for people from the same cohort or family in public places.

At Campus Grimstad, the general UiA guidelines on the use of face coverings apply - that is, face masks are mandatory for example when working in a laboratory or workshop where distancing measures cannot be met.

During such mandatory work, UiA provides face masks for each participant.

Mandatory QR codes

When participating in learning activities on campus, remember to scan the QR code on the seat in lecture rooms or the code on the door of group study rooms.

Kristiansand municipality decided on 23 February that UiA must: “Register who is present and where they are seated during on-campus lectures.” The decision is valid until 4 March 2021.

The same applies to the canteen: (Excerpt): “Restaurants and cafes (…) must register customers’ contact details (…) information that enables track and trace, such as a phone number. The restaurant must also register the date and time of the visit, and if possible the location in the room. The requirement for registration (…) only applies to guests who are seated at the restaurant.”

You can shop in the store without having to register.


Measures recommended by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and adopted by Kristiansand municipality:

  • Stricter measures to ensure at least 1 metre distance between people.
  • Increase the proportion of online teaching.
  • Teaching in small, regular groups can be carried out in addition to online lectures, to offer a regular physical education to all students.
  • Register who is present, with seat position at physical lectures.
  • Avoid events, larger lectures and meetings.
  • Close canteens and other areas where students and staff gather. Libraries and reading rooms can remain open with infection control measures including distance requirements and limited numbers.
  • Recommend face masks in common areas where it is not possible to keep a distance of 1 metre.

UiA managed to avoid having to close the canteen (see the second item from the bottom). But as for the last item, municipal authorities want face masks to be ‘mandatory’ rather than ‘recommended’.

To avoid having to close down Campus Kristiansand we request that all persons conform to the regulations. The same applies to Campus Grimstad should the coronavirus situation worsen there.