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Popular professor programme

There is great interest in the new professor programme at UiA, which starts in the spring. And there are still a few places available for more participants.

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Almost 30 UiA employees have signed up for next year's programme to acquire the necessary qualifications for promotion to a professor position. Through sessions, group work, and individual assignments over a two-year period, participants receive support to work systematically on their own development.

“If we are to enhance and further develop UiA as a robust comprehensive university on a solid foundation of quality research and development work, it is crucial to not only attract the best talents but also provide those who work here ample opportunities and frameworks for professional development,” says Pro-Rector Hans Kjetil Lysgård.

The programme is scheduled to begin in May 2024, and it will be the fourth round organised by UiA. Recruitment, development, and retention of employees are central goals of UiA's personnel policy. UiA also participates in international networks such as Euraxess and FORTHEM European University Alliance, which focus on career development.

“Career development should not be the personal responsibility of individual academic employees, but a collective responsibility of the institution,” says Lysgård.

Led by UiA and UiO

Siri Håvås Haugland (photo)

The programme will be led and facilitated by  Siri Håvås Haugland, professor and head of the Department of Psychosocial Health, in collaboration with Professor Eivind Engebretsen from the University of Oslo and researcher Gina Fraas Henrichsen at UiO and UiA.

Hans Kjetil Lysgård (photo)

“In order to conduct our academic programmes, it is imperative that we engage in systematic internal qualification. All participants from our department in the first round of the professor programme were promoted,” says Havås Haugland.

At the same time as registration for the next programme is in progress, a professor programme in English with approximately 20 participants is underway. They have their third session now in November and will conclude in the spring of 2024. This programme is led by Professor Luis Perez Gonzalez from the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation and Andreas Prinz, professor at the Department of Information and Communication Technology.