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Parking garage at Campus Grimstad closes

Updated 1 November wit a map to the extra parking area.

Construction of Morrow's building will begin on 1 November at Campus Grimstad. This means that the parking garage under the construction site between Teknologiparken and I4Helse will be closed. In addition, there will be several changes in the parking layout on campus.

Campus Grimstad
Stenger p-hus på Campus Grimstad (Foto: J.B. Ugland Eiendomsforvaltning)

Parking garage at Campus Grimstad closes. (Photo: J.B. Ugland Eiendomsforvaltning)

Inside the parking garage, columns and elements will be reinforced. It will be closed for an estimated eight months, while construction is ongoing. The parking spaces on the roof will most likely not be closed until after the New Year.

Changes in parking layout

Inside the old parking garage, P2: 

  • Firstly, there will be changes in the driving pattern. From 1 November, one must enter and exit from the same opening by I4Helse.
  • Secondly, a number of parking spaces in U1 will be reserved for Grimstad municipality's vehicles. These are visibly marked; other vehicles parked in these spots will be fined. A few spaces will be available for students and staff at UiA. The charging stations that are now in the parking garage U1 will be moved up to U2.

The car park on the old sports field (P3) will not be affected by the changes, nor will the employee car park (P4) or the guest car park. The latter costs 20 kroner per hour.

Fewer parking spaces, but also a new option


The closure and the changes mean that there will be fewer parking spaces at Campus Grimstad during the construction period.

The solution is to park in the parking lot at the Circle K petrol station at E18. Here, a temporary car park will be opened on the right side when you turn off from the E18, on the right side down towards the roundabout to Grimstad centre.

This parking area are reserved for UiA and parking here is free. There is no restrictions for how long you park in this parking area.


Extra (and free) parking space by E18, for Campus Grimstad.