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Online student ombudsperson

Eirik Mo is the student ombudsperson at UiA and it is his job to make sure your rights as a student are safeguarded. If you need to contact him: studentombud@uia.no

Eirik Mo, foto
The student ombudsperson at UiA, Eirik Mo.

See the video greeting from Eirik Mo. Press the cc-button on the video player to get English subtitles.

What is the student ombudsperson?

The student ombudsperson is an independent resource who provides advice to students and help them in their life as university students. The student ombudsman is bound to observe professional secrecy.

The student ombudsperson may

  • Investigate and make sure that UiA stays within the regulations when dealing with your issues and that your rights are respected 
  • Be a neutral and independent body between you as a student and UIA in a possible conflict
  • Be of assistance in appeal processes
  • Help you understand your own rights and obligations