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One in isolation and four i quarantine at Campus Grimstad

One student in isolation after confirmed coronavirus infection, and four fellow students i quarantine until their test results are clear. They are all students at the faculty og Engineering and Science at Campus Grimstad.


- We are in contol of the situation, says Vegard Vige, head of the Municipal health service in Grimstad.

Fellow students and teachers have got a text message, asking them to be very attentive to symptoms of Covid-19.

There will be only digital lessons next week for the students who participates in the same lessons as the infected student. Fellow students will be informed also in Canvas.

Keep the infection control guidelines in mind

1. Stay at home if you are ill or develop respiratory symptoms

2. Wash your hands or sanitise them often

3. Social distancing is important – maintain at least a one-metre distance

4. Limit the number of close contacts you have as best you can. And keep track of the people you have been in contact with for more than 15 minutes within two metres of each other.