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More staff can work on campus this summer

Updated 16 June: Kristiansand municipality has eased the coronavirus measures a little bit more. However, the restrictions are still stricter than the national guidelines which are in place in Grimstad. Campus buildings will be locked this summer.

Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

University of Agder - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

In the case of UiA, the biggest change is that it will be easier to work on campus. The special measures in Kristiansand are in place up until and including Friday 25 June. See the local rules for Kristiansand here

In Kristiansand - as i Grimstad - we are now back to the national standard for working at home in step 2 of the government's reopening plan: Wherever possible, people are advised to work from home or have flexible working hours. The same rule also applies in step 3 of the reopening plan unless something changes. The government plans to introduce step 3 in early July, but we know that things can change at short notice

This means that more people can work on campus, but you still need a permission from the HSE manager - that is, the faculty or division director.

Continuity planning

It will be easier to gain access to campus, but it is still important to keep continuity planning in mind - that is, people who manage the same function should not be on campus at the same time if it is a so-called critical function. An example of this is IT: If all network managers are ill at the same time and the network goes down, the situation could quickly become critical.

Summer gatherings and events

UiA's campuses are still closed for social gatherings, such as end of term events - even if an academic component is added.

Regarding restaurants, Kristiansand's rules state that: “Restaurants shall not have catering for private gatherings with more than 20 people.” See the new rules for events in Kristiansand: (Change language in the top line)

Grimstad municipality follows the national plan and is on step 2. The government's reopening plan can be found here: https://www.regjeringen.no/en/topics/koronavirus-covid-19/plan-for-gradvis-gjenapning/id2842645/

Locked doors - so remember the entrance card

All buildings on both campuses will be locked from week 26 to week 32, Friday 25 June at 16:00 until Monday 9 August at 07:00.

Staff can come and go as they please using their employee card.

Students with an active student card are allowed into the common areas centrally on campus around the clock - that is Gata in Grimstad and Vilhelm Krags hall (Vrimlehallen) in Kristiansand.

Posters with telephone numbers will be on display, so visitors without an access card can call UiA Help to gain entrance to visit the library or have other errands.

“By keeping the doors locked, it is easier to control who is inside the buildings during a period of very little activity on campus”, says Senior Engineer Jan Egil Heinecke.

The Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden

The park is open as before, but remember the infection control measures and stay at least one metre away from other people.

The Natural History Museum plans a partial reopening from 21 June. Some outdoor activities aimed at children and families will be carried out, within the framework set by the infection control rules, of course.

The museum building is open, with restrictions on how many people can be inside the café and in the exhibitions at the same time. The corridors between the exhibition areas are quite narrow.