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More on-campus teaching from Monday, 19 April

(Updated 16 April) The government is opening up for more teaching activity on campus, provided that the necessary safety measures are observed. The two-metre requirement is reduced to one metre.

Campus Grimstad (øverst) og Campus Kristiansand

University of Agder - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

Employees should continue to work from home if possible – see the government’s plan for a gradual reopening.

Faculty and department directors will decide who can work on campus.

Mostly online teaching 

UiA has decided that teaching – with the exception of courses requiring physical infrastructure – will be mostly online. Even if the Government opens for some ordinary lectures at campus, School of Business and Law have decided to continue to give lectures digitally only for the rest of the semester. All student can see if lectures are given physically at campus in Canvas.

“The changes mean that the government returns to the recommendations that applied before 25 March,” says Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim in a press release from the Ministry of Education and Research.

This means that UiA will again try to offer all students at least one in-person lecture a week. ‘At least’ does not mean several lectures a week.

The press release further states that, “All planned events should be digital, and larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided. Students in areas without high rates of infection should have the option of in-person instruction at least once a week where it is possible to implement smaller groups and in accordance with infection control guidelines.”

Please remember to scan QR codes and use the Smittestopp app.

Local and regional measures may have to be considered should local outbreaks occur. There are currently no local measures in place in Kristiansand and Grimstad.

Step two of the reopening plan may be implemented after an assessment in the first half of May. The exam period starts on 10 May, so further opening will only marginally affect the teaching at UiA. Employees will still be working at home.

Smittestopp app and QR codes

“As we now allow more people to gather, it is especially important that we are able to track cases of infection as quickly as possible. The Smittestopp application may be of great help there. People should continue to limit social contact,” the Prime Minister said.

At UiA, there are QR codes on all seats in classrooms and auditoriums and on the doors of group rooms and special rooms.

Use them! The government's reopening programme states, “Register who is present and their location to facilitate infection tracing.” This is seriously meant.

And practical – because if you do not scan the QR code, everyone on the course will receive a call from infection trackers if someone in the room has symptoms, whether they were on campus or not. The risk is that everyone on the course may have to wait in quarantine. If everyone in the room is registered – only those individuals who sat near the person with symptoms will receive a call. So please be supportive and scan QR codes where available.