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Making an effort to keep campus open

UiA and the municipal medical officers in Kristiansand and Grimstad are asking students and staff to make an extra effort to avoid lockdown due to the new coronavirus variant.

UiA - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand.

University of Agder - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

The mutated coronavirus that emerged in the UK is spreading and getting closer. Should it enter our university, tighter restrictions will likely be imposed. If we all make an effort, and with some luck, we can prevent its spread.

 Mutant strain is spreading

The mutant coronavirus strain is more transmissible than the original strain. The UK variant beats the others in terms of transmission and spreads faster.


“If everybody observes the guidelines we can keep our campuses open a while longer”, says leader of the operational preparedness group Jan Egil Heinecke.

UiA’s main priorities are:

  • Health and safety first
  • Normal study progression for our students

What you must do:

  • Do not come to campus if you have symptoms
  • Observe local guidelines in your municipality
  • Keep a distance - maintain at least a one-metre distance
  • Limit the number of close contacts and keep track of the people you meet
  • Wash your hands or sanitise them frequently
  • Get tested for coronavirus if you have symptoms or have been in high-risk areas
  • Observe transmission prevention guidelines