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Lesvos: Funds raised for Lesvos Solidarity

“The fundraiser ended in late June; and the funds NOK 55,000 have been transferred to Lesvos Solidarity/Pikpa. They are most grateful for the donation. They say that such gifts are necessary to be able to continue the relief work, and it also helps build courage to keep going”, head of the campaign Karen-Lise Scheie Knudsen says.

Ved Mosaik aktivitetssenter syr flyktningene vesker av redningsvester. (Foto: Lesvos Solidarity)
) At Mosaik Support Centre refugees sew bags out of life vests. (Photo: Lesvos Solidarity)

The Lesvos Campaign was launched in the spring and ended when Frank Reichert stepped down this summer. He asked for donations to the Lesvos Campaign during the farewell lunch at the Natural History Museum.

The special relationship UiA has with Lesvos through the Methoci Anargyron Study Centre is also the reason that the first Lesvos campaign at UiA received so much support when the refugee crisis reached its peak in 2015.

The handover of the chains of office

Around NOK 17,000 of the raised funds were donated during the handover of the chains of office at the Natural History Museum. We are grateful to all who ‘paid for their lunch’ by donating and grateful to Frank Reichert for promoting the campaign! Thank you to all who supported the campaign in other ways.

The funds we sent to Lesvos Solidarity will mainly be used to run the refugee camp Pipka and the support centre Mosaik.

Going from bad to worse in Lesvos

News coverage over the last few days shows that conditions are going from bad to worse in Lesvos.

The number of boat refugees has increased again, reaching its highest level now in August.

The camp in Moria is overflowing with almost 10,000 refugees in a camp built for 3,500. Many people sleep outdoors or in tents and containers and the sanitary conditions are horrific.

1,500 people were evacuated to refugee camps in northern Greece in the beginning of September due to the heat wave in Lesvos, and you can imagine how that affected conditions in the camp.

In other words: The refugee crisis is not yet over in Lesvos.

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