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Grammarly: Write Better in English

Students and staff at UiA now have access to Grammarly. This writing tool uses artificial intelligence to improve clarity, vocabulary and style.

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Grammarly can improve the language of all those who write English as part of their daily tasks at the university. (Illustrative image: Colourbox)

Grammarly can lift the language of all those who write English as part of their daily tasks at the university. (Illustrative image: Colourbox)

« Grammarly can assist all UiA students and employees who write English texts. It is perfect when you need to write an email where the tone of voice must be correct«,  says Stefan Fisher-Høyrem, Subject Librarian at UiA’s library.

Photo of Stefan Fisher Høyrem

Stefan Fisher Høyrem, Subject Librarian at UiA’s library.

This tool finds spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in English. And it uses AI-driven algorithms to show you how to improve the clarity, choice of words and style of what you write. 

Read more about Grammarly here 

Besides, Grammarly can run a check for plagiarism on 16 billion websites and vast databases of scientific magazines.

Checks all you write

As a student or employee at the University of Agder, you can get free access to the premium version of the programme by following these simple steps to sign up.

« Grammarly is effortlessly integrated into your workflow because it checks all you write, while you are writing it. You can combine it with many other programmes and platforms », says Fisher-Høyrem.

Grammarly logo

Grammarly's logo.

You can download Grammarly as a programme on your PC, or as an app on your mobile.  You can also add it to your web browser and Office package (on your PC). Grammarly functions on Canvas, D2L and other platforms used at UiA.

Some limitations

Even though the software programme is convenient for most, Fisher-Høyrem, points out some flaws that you should be aware of.

For example, Grammarly will not have knowledge about the specific jargon that is used at universities. Therefore, it can not replace a human expert on the subject to perform the last proofreading of an article.  

« Every user must create an account at Grammarly’s website, and not everyone might be comfortable with the fact that the company logs all that is written », says Fisher-Høyrem.