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Getting a taste of an international career

UiA students Andreas Gravdahl and Simen Myhre are in Brussels to forge links between business and industry in Agder and opportunities in Europe.

Andreas Gravdahl and Simen Myhre, photo
THRIVING: UiA students Andreas Gravdahl and Simen Myhre are happy to be in Brussels. “It is very nice to do something new and useful and to see more of the world as part of our studies”, they say.

“It makes us better equipped to tackle job responsibilities. And it is very exciting as well as instructive. And not least, we learn a lot about working abroad”,  Andreas Gravdahl and Simen Myhre say. 

Student interns

They are both in the third semester of their master’s programme in Political Science and Management with specialisation in European Integration and in Social Communication, respectively. This autumn, they are student interns at the South Norway European Office in Brussels.

The eight- and ten-week internship is part of their study programme. Their stay is funded by Erasmus + the European programme for exchange, education and training.

Connecting Agder and Europe

At the South Norway European Office, whose premises are in Norway House just across the street from the European Commission, the two UiA students work on tasks related to the office’s objective, which is to be a point of connection in Brussels for business and community interests in the Agder region.

“Among other things, we endeavour to highlight the opportunities that exist for international cooperation within the EU for community and business interests in Agder; either by forging links with key actors in Europe, or by joining forces as regional actors in relation to European projects”, Andreas Gravdahl says.

“The goal is to help community and business interests in Agder recognise and exploit the international opportunities that exist in the EU and the individual countries”, he says.

International metropolis

The two students explain that they work long hours focusing on topics like blue growth, health and welfare technology, cleantech, smart cities and communities, and school and education – every area where community and business interests in Agder have opportunities for tighter cooperation with Europe. But there is also time for leisure.

“Being at work is incredibly exciting. So is Brussels. The city is an international metropolis in Europe, and therefore quite different from Kristiansand.”

“Brussels is such a beautiful city, with many diverse neighbourhoods and activities. We also get to know young people from all over Europe, from the whole world really, who are here for the same or similar reasons that we are here. So, we are doing really great”, Andreas Gravdahl says.