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Get to know the art at UiA

The University of Agder has a great art collection that is worth exploring. A catalogue which details all of the works of art in Grimstad was recently made available.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Art affects our everyday life, even if we do not notice it or think about it. It creates emotions. A room without images is perceived differently when an image is put up on the wall. UiA has a great art collection, but do you notice it and take advantage of it when you are here. Many of the works in the collection is worth a closer look.

Art catalogue

Mette-Line Pedersen, foto

Mette-Line Pedersen

Mette-Line Pedersen is responsible for UiA's art collection. She wants to make students, staff and visitors more conscious of the collection, and wants it to create a feeling of wonder and pride at UiA. She has made a catalogue of selected works in the collection on Campus Grimstad (pdf). It is free and can be found at the Student Service Centre and the library. A catalogue of the collection on Campus Kristiansand will be made available at a later date, as well as a version in English.

"People have requested information about the art. They want to know more about the works and the artists. 18 artists are represented in the catalogue, with texts providing a deeper look into the artist and their work," she says. "When you have more information, you are more likely to stop to look and think."

And the catalogue does not only contain pictures of the works themselves, but also of the art with surroundings and with students. The information is not just available in the printed catalogue, but also on social media. New works of art are continuously bought, and the collection reflects the development in contemporary trends throughout the years. In addition, once a month, Mette-Line Pedersen presents one of the works of art in UiA's collection on UiA's website.

Placement has an effect

The types of art in the collection in Grimstad has become more varied during the last few years. It consists of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photos, collages, room decorations, installations, drawings, and parts of the Wennesland collection. Works on loan such as Hamsunsfantasier and Håkon Bleken's Hedda Gabler are also here. There is a lot of new contemporary art and art from KORO, the government's agency for art in the public space. The building in Grimstad is newer than the one in Kristiansand, and the art is placed in a manner which is easier to follow.

"I am conscious of where to place art. The works of art relate to their architectonic surroundings and the study and research activity that is happening there. For example, the library contains art that provides energy and is not disruptive. It is in common meeting places and not in meeting rooms," she says.

Art can also be used in a study context. The multimedia students in Grimstad attend an art history course and can use the collection for their studies.

The art is moved from time to time. Therefore, the catalogue does not state locations. If you do not know the location, you have to go on a "treasure hunt" or simply ask at the library.