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Flag at half mast

The flag will be flown at half mast today for Professor emeritus Jonathan David Baker from the Department of Global Development and Planning at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Campus Kristiansand, who passed away on 31 October.

Campus Kristiansand: Flagg på halv stang / Flag at half mast.

Baker came to Kristiansand and Agder university college (ADH) in the early 1980’s, and had an important part in founding what would later become the one-year programme in development studies at ADH.

Jonathan Baker became a professor in development studies in 2002 and had an important role in developing the study programmes in development both on bachelor’s and master’s level. He wanted students to have practical experiences with development studies, and he took students on field trips until he retired, and he was always dressed for adventure and very passionate about his field.

Read the Eulogy for Jonathan Baker by his colleagues:

Memorial Service will be held at Lilletunstova in the students canteen at the University of Agder, Campus Kristiansand Thursday 8 November at 14:00.

The flag will be raised all the way at 14:30.

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