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Filling the campus with enthusiasm

The Get Involved Day is organised at UiA on Wednesday 29 January. Scores of student associations and societies prepare to present themselves to attract new members.

Photo of Vrimlehallen at Campus Kristiansand.
Picture from last year’s Get Involved Day in Kristiansand. Photo: Sissel Eikeland

“The purpose of this day is to inspire students to get involved in students activities on campus. Many groups and associations will be on stand and offers to students range from voluntary organisations and student politics to part-time jobs”, says Jakob Mæland.

It takes place in Vrimlehallen and Gata

He is event manager of the Get Involved Day at Campus Kristiansand, where 56 student activities will present themselves in Vrimlehallen. At Campus Grimstad, around 33 different student activities are represented in Gata.

This day is used to showcase the diversity that exists at UiA and to inspire both new and old students to get involved. The university management will also be on stand, and UiA Career Services, Unikum and SiA will produce a live podcast about activities and involvement opportunities in Vrimlehallen.

Motivational speech by blogger

In Grimstad, idea competitions will be held, and associations will pitch their activities. And at both campuses the blogger Kristin Gjelsvik will give a motivational speech.

“Students who are interested in getting relevant experience, increasing their network, learning something new or just spending time with others should drop by. There will be several competitions and lectures, and everything is free”, says Mæland.