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Enough candidates for permanent positions

Despite the coronavirus crisis, as many as  65 students will fight this spring to try and obtain one of the 40 spots at the seven faculty boards of the university and the Student Parliament. 

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

Photo of students voting
LOOKING AHEAD: Enough candidates announced their interest, so it is now clear that this year’s student election will proceed as usual (photograph from archive).
Benedicte Nordlie, foto

Benedicte Nordlie

This was announced after the deadline to propose candidates for the Faculty Board and the Student Parliament during the spring student elections.

“We are very pleased with the candidates that we received, and with the number of candidates. We will have a good selection to choose from for all the permanent positions in the Faculty Board, while all the faculties will be represented in the Student Parliament. Considering the situation of the past weeks, this is extremely positive, and this is thanks to a good collaboration with the central administration of UiA, its faculties and the Teacher Education Unit”, says Benedicte Nordlie, the President of the Student Organisation of Agder (STA).

Challenging corona-times

The President of the student organisation admits that it was challenging to organise the campaign for candidates.  Just when the promotion campaigns for candidates had started, the coronavirus outbreak struck. UiA closed its campuses, lectures were moved to online platforms, and students were scattered in all directions.  

Initially, this meant that only about 40 candidates had announced their interest within the deadline of 25 March. We then extended the deadline to 29 March, and our STA students at UiA intensified their attempts to motivate potential candidates.

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Elections and elective period

The students now enter an electoral period of about four weeks, of which the last two consist of the real voting period. The election will be held electronically in the period from 22 April 10 am to 29 April 2 pm. The students can access the voting room via the website of STA. 

“In addition to a good selection, we also hope that many students will use their right to vote. It is important to participate in student democracy and student politics. If you participate actively here, you contribute to securing the rights of students and their influence and goals”, says Benedicte Nordlie.


After the proposal deadline, this is how the candidates are distributed:

  • Faculty of Humanities and Education: 10 candidates (enough for all vacant positions in the Faculty Board and Student Parliament)
  • Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences: 5 candidates (1 permanent representative is missing, and 4 substitutes for the Student Parliament)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts: 4 candidates (2 substitutes for the Student Parliament are missing. 3 women and 1 man are candidates for the Faculty Board)
  • Faculty of Engineering and Science: 12 candidates (1 substitute missing for the Student Parliament)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: 11 candidates
  • School of Business and Law at UiA: 11 candidates (2 substitutes missing for the Student Parliament)
  • Teacher Education Unit: 12 candidates (1 substitute missing for the Student Parliament)