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Encourages students to stand for election

It is still possible for students to put themselves forward for the internal student elections at UiA. The deadline is 22 May.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Benedicte Nordlie, photo
Leader of the Student Organisation of Agder (STA) Benedicte Nordlie encourages fellow students to put themselves forward as candidates for positions in student politics next year.

“Students who are interested in jobs and positions at UiA and the Student Organisation of Agder (STA) are encouraged to put themselves forward as soon as possible. The students have representatives in a number of councils and committees at UiA, and STA is student-run. So, put yourself forward if you want to take part in running the university and the student union next year”,  STA leader Benedicte Nordlie says.

Interested? Get in touch with STA here!

Nine UiA councils with mandatory representation

Nine boards and committees at UiA have mandatory student representation, the students are represented with two or three regular seats. They are all important to safeguard the interests of the students in the running and development of the university. They are: 

Also up for election:


The Student Organisation of Agder (STA) has several positions to fill in the student elections. The councils, committees and boards are: 

  • Election Committee – Leader and 3 members
  • Unikum Board – 1 representative and 1 substitute
  • Political committees in STA:
    • Academic and Research Policy Committee (FFPU) – 4 members
    • Learning Environment Policy Committee (LMPU) – 4 members
    • Sustainability and Environment Policy Committee (BMPU) – 4 members
    • International Committee (IU) – 4 members
  • All the positions on the STA board:
    • Leader – 100 % paid employment
    • Deputy Leader – 100 % paid
    • Learning Environment Policy Chair – 50 % paid
    • Academic Policy Chair – 50 % paid
    • Communications Manager – 20 % paid 

Selected by the Student Parliament

The current student parliament selects candidates for the positions next year. The Student Parliament conducts elections at the meeting Wednesday 22 May. This meeting is the final deadline to stand as a candidate.

“It is incredibly instructive and rewarding to get involved in student politics as part of student life. To many of us, it will make a great addition to our CV when applying for jobs after graduation, after completing studies and ending a university life we ourselves have helped shape”, Benedicte Nordlie says.

Read more about the councils, boards and committees here (in Norwegian)