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Eight candidates run for the University Board

Eight candidates from the constituency temporarily employed in education and research positions are now fighting for vacancies on the University Board at UiA, one representative and two deputies. The election will be held 3-10 May.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

Facsimile of the candidates
THE CANDIDATES: Above left: Post Doctoral Research Fellow Ronald Mayora Synnes, PhD Research Fellow Rebekka Olsson Omslandseter, PhD Research Fellow Andreas Waaler Røshol, PhD Research Fellow Joseph Salomonsen, PhD Research Fellow Lucia Castro Herrera, PhD Research Fellow Emelie Langemyr Eriksen, PhD Research Fellow Marius Trandheim Kristiansen and PhD Research Fellow Synne Groufh-Jacobsen.

 “We are very happy with the candidates. They are all capable of doing a good job on the University Board. Now it will be exciting to see what the voters do, who they will vote for”, says chair of the university's electoral board, Faculty Director Veslemøy Rabe (photo).

The candidates

The eight candidates in this year's election are (follow the link to see who they are and why they stand for election):

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Ronald Mayora Synnes at the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • PhD Research Fellow Rebekka Olsson Omslandseter at the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • PhD Research Fellow Andreas Waaler Røshol at the Department of Popular Music, Faculty of Fine Arts
  • PhD Research Fellow Joseph Salomonsen at the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • PhD Research Fellow Lucia Castro Herrera at the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • PhD Research Fellow Emelie Langemyr Eriksen at the Department of Working Life and Innovation, School of Business and Law at UiA
  • PhD Research Fellow Marius Trandheim Kristiansen at the Department of Management, School of Business and Law at UiA
  • PhD Research Fellow Synne Groufh-Jacobsen at the Department of Nutrition and Public Health, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences

Election held 3 - 10 May

Nearly 300 employees at UiA make up the constituency of temporary employees in education and research positions. The constituency has one representative and two deputies on the University Board. They are elected for one year at a time, with term of office from 1 August to 31 July.

The election is held from 3 - 10 May at 14:00. The constituency votes here.

The current representative for this constituency is PhD Research Fellow Anne Kirstine Munk Christiansen at the Faculty of Humanities and Education. The deputy representatives are PhD Research Fellow Kristine Engebretsen Illøkken at the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences and PhD Research Fellow Andreas Waaler Røshol  at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Røshol is also a candidate in this election.