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Coronavirus confirmed at the Faculty of Fine Arts

17 March: A student at the Faculty of Fine Arts is in isolation due to covid-19. Fellow students are put in quarantine, and the situation is under control.


The student had not been at campus for a long time, but attended a physical lecture Tuesday 16 March, and had a positive coronavirus test Wednesday 17 March.

The primary health care has put the student in isolation due to confirmed coronavirus infection.

Fellow students who attended the lecture Tuesday 16 March, and their lecturer, have been informed by both text message and e-mail from The primary health care, saying that they are close contacts and are put in quarantine. The messages are forwarded by UiA.

Because of the increasing numbers of infected in Kristiansand, others in the household of the close contacts are also put in quarantine, lasting until the close contact har a negative test result. If the test result is positive, everybody in the household are put in a ordinary quarantine.

More on quarantine and isolation by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Remember the infection control guidelines

1. Stay at home if you are ill or develop even very mild respiratory symptoms

2. Wash your hands or sanitise them often

3. Social distancing is important – maintain at least a one-metre distance. Keep this in mind when you are in the student cafeteria and common areas.

4. Limit the number of close contacts you have as best you can. And keep track of the people you have been in contact with for more than 15 minutes within two metres of each other.

In addition:

5. Scan QR codes where available

6. Download the Smittestopp app from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health