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Coronavirus and UiA (Updated 3 December)

Coronavirus infections are rising all over the country, the Omicron-mutant is spreading rapidly, and several regions has new restrictions and regulations.There are no special restrictions at UiA now, but everybody must pay extra attention to symptoms, and follow the general prevention control measures.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.


New: The Government introduced new regulations and rules on 3 December. Read them here:

New: Information about international travel and the coronavirus

The EU's European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control colours Agder red in its map of the spread of Covid in Europe. This may affect those who want to travel abroad and who need coronavirus documentation to cross international borders.

Neither Kristiansand nor Grimstad municipalities have introduced local restrictions, and life is almost normal in both the student towns and on campus. UiA has no extraordinary infection control regulations.

New: If you want to work from home, this must be discussed with your line manager. More employees are going to work from home from 6 December. More info on Innaskjærs in English Monday 6 December.

The main rule is that exams in the autumn semester 2021 will be digital home exams, as planned. Students must check Canvas for updated information on the individual course. Se also Most commonly asked questions about exams taking place at UiA - and the answers.

However, it is wise to avoid coronavirus infection. The pandemic is not over. By adhering to the general recommendations, you may also avoid the flu, colds and stomach bugs!

General infection control recommendations

Staying at home when you have symptoms of illness will reduce transmission rates

Practicing hand hygiene is a simple and effective way to prevent infections

Keeping a distance reduces the risk of infection through respiratory droplets (airborne transmission)

New: Oslo and Bergen and the regions around the cities got regional restrictions 3 December. (In Norwegian only) Please see the municipalities home page for english text - or check this webpage with overview of rules and recommendations - and links to the municipalities.

In the last year and a half, there have been far fewer cases of influenza, cold or stomach flu. Probable cause: People have been following the coronavirus measures.

Let’s keep it up!

If you experience symptoms of respiratory infections:

It can be difficult to distinguish between coronavirus, the flu and a common cold.

Here is how to find out, as explained by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH):

What should you do if you have newly-arisen respiratory tract symptoms?

What to do if the test is positive

If you experience symptoms of infection while on campus go home immediately.

If you have mandatory teaching or an exam, you can get a rapid test at UiA Help on both campuses. To get one, you must e-mail help@uia.no, indicate which campus you stay at the moment, and you will get an answer to how you will receive the test. See also the webpage Legitimate reason for absence.

If you get a positive result on a self-test, contact the coronavirus centre in your municipality, and we would appreciate if you also call UiA’s emergency phone number 3814 2220.

It is important to inform the contact tracers, and they will advise you on what steps to take. You will have to self-isolate at home and also take a PCR test at a test centre or at your GP.

Inform your close contacts where possible.

NEW: Norway got new regulations for isolation and quarantine 29 November. They also include the Omicron-mutation, which is spreading rapidly. Read the new regulations and what to do here (choose language on top of the page) - or check this webpage with overview of rules and recommendations.

If you are infected:


Kristiansand: Call the coronavirus centre at Kløvertun: 948 09 041. Info about self-testing

Grimstad: Call the municipality coronavirus-team: 909 18 945.

UiA: If you test positive at the coronavirus centre, UiA wants you to contact the emergency number 3814 2220. UiA will send a text message to the other students on your course to advise them to be aware of symptoms. The infected person will not be identified.

When can you come back?

Both students and staff should have a negative Covid-19 test before returning to campus.

Please see the Overview of the national rules and regulations:


Grimstad and Kristiansand offer coronavirus vaccines to students in addition to their own residents. The vaccine is free. You can read about the vaccine on NIPH’s website.

The health authorities and the government recommend that everyone get vaccinated unless there is a specific risk. Vaccines provide a high degree of protection against getting seriously ill, also against the new omicron-mutant.

Kristiansand: You can drop in at the vaccination centre or book an appointment. Vaccine information.

The vaccination centre is located at Sørlandssenteret. From Campus Kristiansand, you can take the M1 bus, which leaves every 10 minutes.

Grimstad: Book a vaccination appointment online.

A temporary vaccination centre has been set up at Fjære near Lia football field. There are signs on Rv 420, and the exit is 50 metres from the roundabout on E18. See the map.

Are you going to travel?

Before you travel in or out of the country - check the updated travel advice from Norwegian authorities. See also: Changes to entry restrictions for several countries and areas (4 December)

If you travel out of the country, you may need a recent and documented coronavirus test, even if you are fully vaccinated. The regular test stations prioritise testing for medical purposes.

Where to get tested if you plan to travel and need documentation:


Grimstad (scroll down to the bottom of the page)