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Continues as STA leader

Benedicte Nordlie continues as leader of the STA board next year. This became clear when the Student Organisation of Agder held elections for next year’s councils, boards and committees on Wednesday.

Bendik Hagen, Sindre Nikolai Andersen, Benedicte Nordlie, Adam Tzur and Olea M. Norset, photo
NEW STUDENT BOARD: From left: Bendik Hagen, Sindre Nikolai Andersen, Benedicte Nordlie (leader), Adam Tzur and Olea M. Norset.

The elections were held at the election assembly of the Student Parliament, and Benedicte Nordlien says it is encouraging to see how many students want to get involved and stand for elections.

“Standing for elections is not the most comfortable position to be in, so it is good to see that so many students have dared take that step”, she says.

There were several contenders for many of the seats, this shows that students know it is important to get involved, she thinks.

“We are lucky to be at a university that wants to involve students in important decisions, I believe the newly elected will be good and do important work that makes UiA even better”, Nordlie says.

The STA Board:

In the election assembly 85 regular seats and substitutes are elected. Among these, there is great excitement about who will represent the students in the Student Organisation of Agder Board and who will sit on the University Board. These were elected:

STA Board:

  • Leader: Benedicte Nordlie
  • Deputy Leader: Olea Magdalene Norset
  • Academic Policy Chair: Sindre Nikolai Andersen
  • Learning Environment Policy Chair: Bendik Hagen
  • Communications Manager: Adam Tzur
Pernille K. Rist-Christensen, Robin A.R. Moudnib, Mathilde Tomine E. Giske og Jakob Mæland, foto

ON THE UNIVERSITY BOARD: From left: Pernille K. Rist-Christensen (substitute), Robin A.R. Moudnib, Mathilde Tomine E. Giske and Jakob Mæland (substitute).

The University Board:

These were elected to the University Board:

  • Regular seats: Robin A.R. Moudnib and Mathilde Tomine E. Giske
  • Substitutes: Pernille K. Rist-Christensen and Jakob Mæland

“On behalf of STA I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students who have represented the university students this past year, and to wish good luck to the newly elected in the year to come”, Benedicte Nordlien says.

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