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Contest for a position on the university board

Two temporary employees in education and research positions fight over a free seat on the university board. The election starts Monday 20 May.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Mette Marie Næser Seldal, Aleksander Avramovic and Ingrid Lande Larsen, photo

The candidates: (From left) Ingrid Lande Larsen and Mette Marie Næser Seldal.

The temporarily employed in education and research positions at UiA have one board representative and two board substitutes who get elected every year. This year the university board has determined that one substitute for the board representative is satisfactory.

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The candidates are:

PhD Research Fellow Aleksandar Avramovic at the Department of Political Science and Management at UiA, was a candidate, but has stepped down.

The election period for the temporarily employed in education and research starts at 10am Monday 20 May and ends at 2pm Monday 27 May. The board term runs from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020. 

The current board members

The current representative for this constituency is Assistant Professor Stine Øyna.

PhD Candidate Mahmoud Ramezani Mayiami and PhD Research Fellow Mehdi Ben Lazreg are the first and second substitute representatives.

New board in August

In addition to the board member elected now, the university board consists of two representatives from the permanent staff in teaching and research positions, one from the technical administrative staff, two student representatives, and four external members appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research, as well as rector.

The representatives from the permanent staff in teaching and research positions and the technical administrative staff were elected at the beginning of April, whereas the students will elect their representatives later this year. The Ministry of Education and Research will appoint new external members to the university board later this spring.

The new board will convene this autumn on 1 August when Sunniva Whittaker takes office as the new rector at UiA.

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