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Confirmed coronavirus on Campus Kristiansand - updated

Seven students at the School of Business and Law at UiA are in isolation due to coronavirus Covid-19. Education in the courses affected will be online from now. The students in these courses will be given information in Canvas.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Koronaviruset, nærfoto

Updated 12 February at 19:00

Five more students in one of the student groups are now infected with the coronavirus Covid-19. In the other group there is no escalation. Fellow students in both groups have been informed about the situation via text message.

The municipal health services have investigated the situation, and have not put more students in quarantine. It is very important to contact the municipal health service in case you have even the slightest symptoms of Covid-19. You will find contact data here: 

"Information and guidelines about the coronavirus" - scroll down and find information in the right column.

Pay attention to symptoms

The coronavirus test centre in Kristiansand requests that everyone pay attention to symptoms and get tested if in doubt.  

For both students, coronavirus was detected following a rapid antigen test. They had both attended lectures in Kristiansand lately.

The municipal health services in Kristiansand have put the two in isolation and are now following up tracking close contacts and implementing measures.

Remember to use QR codes

UiA aims to help the municipal health services get control over the situation. We have a proactive approach, which means that all courses affected immediately switch to online teaching until the situation is under control.

Every seat in auditoria and lecture rooms has its own QR code, while group rooms and special rooms have QR codes on the door. If everyone uses the QR codes we can easily find out who has been in contact with any possible case, helping the health services narrow the number of people having to go into quarantine.


These cases are further reminders that infection transmission can occur anytime and anywhere.

We therefore ask the entire UiA population to continue to carefully follow the infection control guidelines.

The fact that the vast majority does just that, is probably one of the reasons UiA has had few cases of Covid-19 infection. Let's continue like this!

Keep the infection control guidelines in mind

1. Stay at home if you are ill or develop respiratory symptoms

2. Wash your hands or sanitise them often

3. Social distancing is important – maintain at least a one-metre distance

4. Limit the number of close contacts you have as best you can. And keep track of the people you have been in contact with for more than 15 minutes within two metres of each other.