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Competition: green commuting to campus

Do you need motivation to leave the car at home? Do you want to cycle, walk or use public transport in your daily life? Now we give you an opportunity to change your commuting habits! Students and staff can participate. Start 1 September.

Har ikke du også lyst til å bli grønn?

You too can go green.

Join the draw for great prizes!

Sign up for the ‘Jeg kjører grønt’-campaign and register your points, and you will automatically be in the draw for nice prizes. Read more about the campaign on the website jegkjorergront.no.

Recruit and win

Should your friends, colleagues, fellow students or family members want to join Jeg kjører grønt? Give them your referral code (vervekode) and secure one of these prizes:

Recruit 1: AKT card with 3 bus tickets

Recruit 2: 2 cinema tickets

Recruit 3: AKT card with 10 bus tickets

Recruit 4: 4 cinema tickets

Recruit 5+: Kvadraturen Gift Card - value 500 kroner

The recruitment period lasts until the end of September!

Create a team

Create a team with fellow students, friends or colleagues and join the prize draw for great experiences. It is a good opportunity to challenge each other, but also to support and motivate each other! The team’s result will be computed as the average of the team. The teams that reach an average of 350 points or more are in the draw for team prizes at the end of the campaign. You can win experiences and unforgettable memories.

Sign up and go green! The campaign period is from 1 September to 30 November 2021.

Go green!

Walk, bike or use public transport rather than take the car! This is the message from ‘Jeg kjører grønt’ to everyone in the Kristiansand region. Passenger cars are a major source of emissions in the Kristiansand region, and by leaving the car at home, we can all contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions! Can you walk or bike to the shop? Can you take the bus to the university once a week? Small changes in your daily life can make a big difference!

PS: If you need extra motivation - read the IPCC’s latest assessment report (number 6) on climate change. The first sub-report on the physical science basis of climate change was published earlier this month.

With best regards

Katharina Reionn Bjørnestøl

Environmental adviser at UiA