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Closer to normal everyday life

One meter distance and testing for symptoms still apply, but we will increasingly fill our campuses with students and staff. 

(Stock photo from the PhD Summer School at UiA in 2014)

(Stock photo from the PhD Summer School at UiA in 2014)

Antalls- og avstandsbegrensningene i undervisning fjernes fra 1. februar og regjeringen ber universitetene om mest mulig fysisk undervisning(Press release from the Government in Norwegian)


Restrictions in teaching will be removed from 1 February and the government is asking the universities for as much on-campus education as possible. 

You no longer need to keep the social distance of one meter in the library or in the reading rooms, as in the auditoriums and classrooms, the Government says. But the meter still exists for employees including meetings. 

Going forward, UiA will work to achieve this in as good and safe a way as possible.

  • Students must follow their timetable.
  • Registration for physical education will end. 
  • However, there must still be a good deal of hybrid teaching at the university.
  • UiA will strive to offer a teaching program for those who cannot come to campus. 

Still, we must keep our distance when we are in crowded areas, like the canteen, and wear a face mask when it is difficult to keep a distance. Those with symptoms should get tested, and tests will be made available on our campuses as far as possible. 

Those who are ill should stay at home. 

Until now, UiA have asked students and employees to call the UiA emergency phone if they get a positive coronavirus test. As the the Municipal Health Service now only traces contacts to the coronavirus infected, also UiA cancels tracing. It is now the coronavirus infected himself/herself who shall inform their close contacts. The UiA emergency phone are still available for coronavirus infected, and of course also in other emergency situations.

The general infection control recommendations still apply: 

  • Practice good hand and cough hygiene 
  • Get vaccinated
  • Stay at home in case of illness 
  • Take a covid test at the onset of respiratory symptoms 


It has already been decided that the spring exams will, as a general rule, be conducted as home exams, with a few exceptions. There are no changes to this. See also the Exam site:

Less working from home 

Employees will to a greater extent be able to work on campus. But we must plan for the contingency that many fall ill at the same time. Thus, it may be necessary for some people to work from home.

It must also be possible to keep distance in the office premises. More information will come from the leaders in the faculties/departments/divisions. 

Physical meetings are again allowed, but employees are asked to use common sense and organise digital meetings where there are many participants from different departments, for example. 


Restrictions on events have also been lifted. However, for some time to come, there will be limited opportunities to conduct events on campus during periods when there is a lot of teaching going on.