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Changes following tighter coronavirus restrictions in Kristiansand

(Update 30 May) The tighter coronavirus restrictions are now continued through Sunday 13 June, the Municipal Presidency (Executive Committee - formannskapet) determined Sunday 30 May.

Campus Kristiansand

Read the discussion and the continued tighter coronavirus restrictions from 30 May here.  The article under was published on Friday 28 May. There is no change for UiA in the decision the Municipal Presidency (Executive Committe - formannskapet) made Sunday 30 May.

(28 May) The municipal medical officer in Kristiansand announced the stricter measures following a meeting with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on Friday 28 May. UiA has been in direct dialogue with Kristiansand municipality to clarify the consequences for UiA.

There are no changes at Campus Grimstad.

Changes - ONLY apply to Campus Kristiansand

Everyone who can carry out their work duties from home should do so. This means a higher threshold for on-campus work than has been the case in recent weeks. Employees who live in Kristiansand but work at Campus Grimstad, must also adhere to the stricter measures.

HSE managers (faculty directors and division directors) in each unit can grant exceptions to this rule. PhD students should be given priority when it comes to on campus work.

A ban on events with physical attendance has been introduced. This means that the master's graduation event on 2 June cannot be carried out as planned. Information about a possible digital alternative will be available shortly.

Student activity with physical attendance continue – reading rooms and library remain open 

It is very important to follow the infection control measures - i.g. keeing a safe social distance, washing hands, tables, instruments and so forth.

Students who are in risk groups or in quarantine must inform their teachers as quickly as possible, to ensure they can take their exams.

  • Exams scheduled on campus, due to the need for equipment or other infrastructure, will be conducted as planned.
  • Oral exams and
  • Practical tests will also be conducted as planned 

The same applies to planned teaching that requires physical attendance. Teaching with less than 10 participants is also allowed. 

The doors to Campus Kristiansand will still be open, and both reading rooms and a library will be available for use.

Serious situation 

There has been a sharp increase in coronavirus cases in Kristiansand since 17 May. The municipal medical officer describes the situation as ‘serious’.

Now it is up to each individual to make good choices that will help reduce the transmission rate as quickly as possible.