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Bike theft at UiA - report it!

Has your bike or parts of it been stolen on campus? UiA asks you to register the theft in the form below or by using the QR code on posters near the bike racks.

photo of UiA employees and police checking the bikes

The registration form can be found here and can be completed in a few minutes: https://nettskjema.no/a/299035

In the autumn semester, there were many bicycle thefts on both campuses, especially on Campus Kristiansand.

Preventive measures

“UiA cannot be held responsible for thefts, that is each person’s responsibility. But the purpose of registering incidents is to see what can be done to prevent bicycle theft. To get the best possible overview, we need to know where the bikes were stolen,” says Head of Security Jan Egil Heinecke.

“UiA encourages students and staff to travel by bike, and it’s not particularly motivating if the bicycle gets stolen. That is why it is important for us to prevent theft. We’ve already ordered racks suitable for electric scooters on Campus Kristiansand, so users can lock them securely,” says Environmental Adviser Katharina Reionn Bjørnestøl.

In addition, a charging locker for e-bike batteries has been installed in the bike shed, Pedalen, in Kristiansand. The locker is in operation now, and it is possible to charge eight batteries at the same time. Instructions for use can be found on the locker.

The police check regularly

“We are aware that many bicycles are stolen from Campus Kristiansand and patrol the area when we have time,” say task leaders Joakim Jaabæk and Stian Pauchert in Agder Police District.

Bicycle thieves are small fry to the police; however, the prevalence is high, and the police want to tackle everyday crimes. That is why they check when they can.

“Please report all bike thefts - it's easy!”

“It is very important that everyone reports bike thefts. It gives the police the opportunity to follow up when we catch a bike thief, but more importantly, we keep coming across stolen bikes or bikes that we think have been stolen. If we already have the frame number, it’s easy to find the person whose bike has been stolen,” Jaabæk says.

“Recording the frame number is quick and easy - just take a picture of it with your mobile phone. Or you can write it down. Then you register it online, it’s easy to fill in the form online,” Pauchert says.

Here you can report a bike theft: https://anmeldelse.pub.politiet.no/webjars/anmeldelse/index.html?type=sykkel

Tips on how to avoid bike theft

“I checked the bike racks on Campus Kristiansand this autumn and noticed that many people only lock the front wheel. That makes it very easy to remove the wheel and load the bike into a van, for example,” Jaabæk says.

The police recommend that you secure your bike at least with this:

  • All bicycles: Always use insurance approved locks. Bicycle stores know which locks are approved - check with them.
  • All bicycles: Use locks to secure both the frame and rear wheel and fasten the locks to an immovable object.
  • E-bike: Take the battery with you, especially if you don't return quickly.
  • E-bike: You can also take the mudguard with you if it is removable.