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Better cooling system on Campus Kristiansand

All the cooling units on top of the A building at Campus Kristiansand will be replaced. This means that the main entrance will be a construction site, with hoisting of equipment and a walkway through container tunnels. This is not noisy work, and it will take place until mid-June.

TIL TOPPS: Kjølemaskinene på toppen av A-blokka blir byttet ut. De gamle skal ned, og de nye opp - og dermed blir det heisekraner og noen praktiske forstyrrelser ved hovedinngangen noen uker framover. Men så mye støy blir det ikke av arbeidet, forteller kontaktperson ved UiA, Paal Kulien i Økonomiavdelingen.

The cooling units on top of the A building (arrow) will be replaced. The old ones are coming down, and new ones are going up – so there will be crane lifting works and some disruption at the main entrance for the next few weeks. But the work will not generate much noise, says contact person at UiA, Paal Kulien in the Division of Financial Services.

The top floors that have been added to faculty buildings F, G, J, and which are also being completed on buildings H and I, have led to a need for greater cooling capacity than the existing system on Campus Kristiansand provides.

Therefore, Statsbygg has started rebuilding and expanding the current cooling system. As a result, all cooling units on the roof of high-rise building A – Henrik Wergeland’s house – will be replaced.

“This will give us a cooling system able to cope with the warm summers we are expecting, both this year and the years to come”, says project manager Lisa Marie Krøvel in Statsbygg.


When the equipment is hoisted up and down from the roof, security guards will be placed on the ground, to ensure that no one walks underneath a suspended load.

It will be necessary to close the main entrance for a few days in June in connection with hoisting over the glass roof in Vrimlehallen. Alternative access will be signposted via the entrance downstairs by the student cafeteria and the stairs to Østsia. Notice will be given well in advance.

Temporary cooling will be set up

Temporary cooling units will be set up to supply the cooling system on campus while the permanent system is being installed.


“There will be no noisy work carried out between 8:00 and 16:00, but some noise disturbance from the work is to be expected from time to time”, says the project manager.

Progress plan

BRG Entreprenør will start their preparations on Monday, 12 April. According to the plan, the work will be completed by 20 June.

Statsbygg is in charge of coordinating the work, while UiA’s Adviser in Real Estate and Business Development Paal Kulien is the contact person for UiA.

The meeting rooms and the veranda on floor A7

The contractors will have access to the roof from the 8th floor of the A building – the technical floor above the meeting rooms on floor A7. They will also use the veranda, so that area will be closed off during this period.

The contractors will use one of the toilets and a meeting room (A7 006) on the 7th floor as a break room and to store equipment. All the other meeting rooms are available as usual.


Construction site plan.

Construction site and main entrance

Arrangements are being made for the work to cause as little disruption as possible.

A construction site will be set up in front of the main entrance (see photo). The area for storing materials will be fenced.

Fire engines and garbage trucks will be able to pass through the roundabout.

Pedestrian tunnels will be provided in both directions in front of the main entrance, and access to the staircase to Østsia will also be kept open.

A pedestrian tunnel will be set up to the emergency staircase and the footbridge to the J building – Niels Henrik Abel’s house.

Temporary charging points for UiA’s red electric cars will be in Vaskeridalen on the north side of campus.