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Approval of new study programmes

On 12 May, the University Board approved the establishment of several new programmes of study, including a master’s programme in law and a bachelor’s programme in academic esports. The programmes must be assessed and accredited before they can start up. See also other Board agenda items.

The University Board decided to establish a bachelor’s programme in academic esports, as one of several new programmes. (Photo: Colourbox.com)

The University Board decided to establish a bachelor’s programme in academic esports, as one of several new programmes. (Photo: Colourbox.com)

At the University Board’s May meeting, the establishment and closure of degree programmes was considered. The establishment of programmes depends on certain prerequisites, including approval of the programme description as part of accreditation. Most plan to start up in the autumn of 2022. Here is a summary of what the University Board decided: 

The University Board is in favour of establishing a six-year professional degree in psychology. The application for establishing the degree will return to the University Board once work on the programme description is complete. The university director will look to procure external funding for the establishment and allocation of student places. This programme will require a change in the so-called degree regulations and must probably be accredited by NOKUT. Work is underway to meet their deadline of 15 September.

Establishment of a two-year master’s degree in law. This programme will probably also have to be accredited by NOKUT and depends on changes to the degree regulations. The university director will work to secure external funding, and if this does not succeed, return to the Board.

Establishment of a bachelor’s programme in academic esports. The programme is financed by reallocating temporary student places allocated in 2020, and by reallocations at the relevant faculties.

Establishment of a 2-year master’s degree in general clinical nursing. The university director will discuss the funding of 30 credits with the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences.

At the same time, the two-year master’s degree in clinical health science will be discontinued. The final date for issuing diplomas for this degree was set for 1 August 2027. 

Establishment of a two-year master’s programme in public health nursing. The programme is contract funded and based on an initiative taken by municipalities in Agder.

Establishment of a one-year personal trainer programme (PT). The programme is funded through tuition fees and builds on feedback from the fitness industry about increased expectations that personal trainers have a minimum of 60 credits or equivalent. 

Establishment of an experience-based master’s programme in digitalisation. The programme will be funded through tuition fees.

The application from the Faculty of Fine Arts to establish a one-year postgraduate programme in Live Electronics was withdrawn before the meeting.

In a separate agenda item, the University Board decided to close the teacher education programmes that are based on the old framework from 2010. The final date for issuing diplomas in these study programmes will be 1 January 2024 and 1 January 2025.


2.1 million to support UiA’s strategy

In the budget for 2021, NOK 5 million has been set aside to follow up the University’s strategy and the adopted action plans. The University Board decided to distribute NOK 2,110,000 of these as follows:

  • NOK 900,000 to follow up the Action Plan for Communication 2021-2024
  • NOK 760,000 to follow up the interdisciplinary priority areas set out in the strategy
  • NOK 450,000 to follow up the white papers on lifelong learning and working life relevance.

Details of how the funds will be distributed are stated in the board papers.


The faculties’ four-year strategy plans

The University Board was presented with the adopted strategy plans from all the faculties and the Teacher Education Unit. These plans set the direction for how each faculty will contribute to achieving the goals of UiA’s strategy for 2021-2024.

All the plans are available in the presentation sent to the board.


Other business

-        Information about UiA’s applicant numbers for 2021. Read more about the applicant numbers in this article

-        The University Board decided to extend the regulations which will provide greater flexibility and help ensure that the pandemic does not prevent students from completing their studies or sitting their exams.

-        The university director informed the University Board about how the results achieved in 2020 will affect UiA’s finances in 2022. In total, there is an increase of NOK 24 million.

-        The Board decided to redistribute funds between the faculties for 2021 based on activity achievement in 2020.

-        The University Board adopted a revised version of the Regulations for Grant and Contract Funded Activities (BOA) at UiA. The regulations enter into force on 1 June 2021.

-        The University Board was informed about UiA’s handling of the pandemic. 

-        The Board has decided on the award of status as Excellent Teaching Practitioner. The award will be made public at a later date.


See the papers for the 12 June 2021 University Board meeting.