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Applicant numbers, a new study programme and dean announcements

This and more was on the agenda at the University Board May meeting.

illustrattion of board meeting


The University Board held its meeting at Campus Grimstad on Wednesday 10 May 2023.

The priority research centre, Centre for Lifecourse Nutrition, attended the University Board meeting to present the centre's development and goals.

Illustration of University Board May meeting

Master's in personalised medicine approved

The approval and closure of study programmes are part of the Board's annual cycle. The Faculty of Humanities and Education has requested that the one-year programme in film studies and film production be closed. No students have been admitted for some time and closure was agreed.

The University Board approved the establishment of a new study programme at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. New knowledge and new technologies make it possible to offer patients more precise and targeted diagnostics and treatment. With a master's degree in personalised medicine, the faculty wants to train students in prevention, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up adapted to the biological conditions of the individual. According to the faculty, the programme will be developed in collaboration with the Hospital of Southern Norway (SSHF) and the business community in the region.

The establishment of the programme was approved, provided the faculty secures funding for it. 

Appointment of vice-rectors approved

Two vice-rector positions have been advertised at UiA, and the University Board approved appointments to both these positions. Who the new vice-rectors are will be published on UiA.no as soon as there is agreement on the employment contracts.

Dean advertisements approved

From the start of 2024, all six faculties and the Teacher Education Unit at UiA will have new deans. The turn of the year is also the time when UiA introduces a unified management model at faculty level.

At the Board meeting, the wording in the advertisements was approved, with some minor changes. The dean positions for 2024-2027 will be advertised on UiA.no shortly. The rector and university director will nominate candidates to be assessed by the University Board, as the deans will report to both from 2024. 

Professor appointment accounted for

In recent weeks, the national tabloid VG has written several articles about our Professor Emeritus Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad:

  • First about their qualifications to become a professor in 2012
  • Later, their patients entered the field to defend Pirelli Benestad
  • And on Sunday, the University's work on the professor appointment was called into question

The story has also been covered in other media, including Khrono.

Dean of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, Anders Johan Wickstrøm Andersen, was invited to give an account of the matter.

The Board expressed confidence in the proceedings and support for Pirelli Benestad.

Board gives green light for new psychology application

In 2021, UiA applied for accreditation of a professional degree in psychology at UiA. After lengthy proceedings at NOKUT, UiA received the final rejection of the application on 11 January 2023.

In recent years, it has been pointed out by many different parties that a professional psychology degree would be an important boost for the entire Agder region, especially with regard to the challenges related to living conditions in the region. The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority has, by far, the fewest trained psychologists compared to the number of inhabitants.

However, clear signals from the government about tighter financial conditions make it important to consider a continued and resource-intensive application process.

The University Board is positive to continued work towards a psychology degree in Agder, and UiA will aim to submit a new application to NOKUT by 15 September 2023. 

Negotiating authority in the local salary negotiations

Every year, the University Board grants the university director the authority to negotiate in the local salary negotiations. It was also discussed whether UiA should add extra funds to the negotiation pot, which was last done in 2022.

There will be no such addition in 2023. 

Other items on the agenda included:

  • The Director of Academic Affairs gave the University Board a briefing on the number of applicants this year. See also UiA.no  
  • The Board was briefed on how UiA's results in 2022 will affect the allocation in the central government’s budget for 2024. The results will increase the allocation by around NOK 18.6 million from 2023 to 2024
  • Members to UiA's election board were appointed for the period 2023-2027
  • Some technical changes were made to the regulations which relate to the doctoral degree in artistic development work

All the meeting documents can be found here (Norwegian only)