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Another teacher education student infected

A new student at the Department of Teacher Education has tested positive for Covid at the test site near Spicheren. The person in question is in isolation. The municipality's contact tracing team will get in touch with the people who have to quarantine.


The student was on Campus Kristiansand and had classes on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 August. According to the contact tracing team, the case can be traced to a student event on 16 August.

Fellow students and course teachers will receive a text message from Kristiansand municipality’s contact tracers via UiA-CIM, to notify that they may be infected. The contact tracers will be in direct communication with those who are close contacts.

But everyone must pay particular attention if they experience symptoms. More about symptoms: https://www.kristiansand.kommune.no/smitteinfo

The students in the relevant cohort will receive information through Canvas about how the teaching will be conducted. Apart from those who have not been vaccinated or those who must be quarantined, everyone can attend in-person teaching.

This is what fellow students should do:

Take a voluntary rapid test - certainly if they have symptoms:

  1. Those who are fully vaccinated (two doses)
  2. Those who have had Covid-19 during the last 6 months

Remember that you can still get coronavirus and/or be a carrier even if you have been fully vaccinated.

People who MUST take rapid tests:

3 days after you have been in close contact with an infected person, or sooner if you have symptoms. This is mandatory.

  1. Those who have received just 1 dose of vaccine 3 to 12 weeks ago

It is easy to get tested on campus - the test site is open every day: Use the Covid test sites

People who MUST quarantine:

  1. Those who have not yet been vaccinated:

They must be quarantined. This is mandatory.

Quarantine lasts 10 days, but you can get tested after 7 days. If you are a close contact, you will be contacted by the contact tracing team and informed about what you must do.

What is a close contact?

You are a close contact if you during the last 48 hours were:

  • within 2 metres of an infected person for more than 15 minutes, or
  • in direct physical contact with, or
  •  in contact with secretions (e.g. saliva, mucus and tears)

The main rule is to count 48 hours back from the time the infected person developed symptoms. If the person does not have symptoms, you count from when the positive test was taken.