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Many people have a cold or runny nose on campus at the moment. It is understandable that this makes others nervous. Try to be considerate even if you have taken a test and know you only have a common cold. If you have a runny nose from coming in from the cold, please blow your nose instead of sniffing.

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We are entering the final week of exams and the Christmas break is fast approaching. Many are worried about having to go into self-isolation at this time.

Please be considerate of each other.

People with chronic conditions are vulnerable

Many people who have chronic conditions suffer during winter when the weather is cold and humid, asthma sufferers for example, and others with respiratory illnesses.

It may be a good idea to inform others if you have allergies or other conditions that cause a runny nose.

It is important that we all are considerate when sharing common spaces such as the canteen or reading rooms.

Contact tracing

You should get tested if you have been in contact with people who have coronavirus. Read more about close contacts and contact tracing:

What should you do if you have newly-arisen respiratory tract symptoms?

Contact tracing activities have been reduced compared to last winter, and you may have been exposed to infection even if you have not been contacted by the contact tracing team. Individuals who test positive are the ones who have to notify their close contacts.

Download the Smittestopp app from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), and read more about coronavirus in Norway on NIPH’s website.

Infection control guidelines:

Stay at home if you are ill. This goes for everybody, also students taking exams. UiA will try to limit the inconvenience for those who have to stay home. Do not come to campus until you are well.  

Get tested if you have symptoms. Rapid tests are handed out by Kristiansand municipality – and in Grimstad, the test station is open.

Keep a distance from others. A one metre distance is the national recommendation.

Wear a face covering. National guidelines recommend the use of face masks on public transport and elsewhere where it is difficult to keep a distance from others. That also includes campus.

Reduce the number of close contacts. Risk of transmission is reduced with the number of close contacts.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Droplets hanging in the air are a source of infection. If you do not have a tissue at hand, cough or sneeze into your elbow.

More information:

Read the government’s overview of the new measures and recommendations in the press release 7 December: New national measures to keep the pandemic under control

More about exams in Most commonly asked questions about exams taking place at UiA - and the answers.