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Accident close to Campus Kristiansand

UiA will reach out to and follow up a group of students at UiA that were present during a bathing accident involving a woman Sunday 1 May. 


Campus Kristiansand (Stock photo)

Crisis management at UiA were activated Sunday evening after receiving information that an accident involving students had taken place in a small lake close to Campus Kristiansand. The woman was not herself a student at UiA, but was there as part of a group including several UiA students. The bathing trip was not a part of their studies at the university. 

The student's faculties will get in touch with the students and follow them up after the incident. UiA is in contact with the crisis team in Kristiansand municipality, who has the lead responsibility in these kinds of situations.

The woman was transported to the Sørlandet hospital by ambulance. Enquiries about the woman’s status are to be directed to the local police. 

Update 16 May:

Friends of the woman tells UiA that it looks like the woman will not have any permanent damage from the accident. This is not confirmed information from the hospital, because of this is restricted health information due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).