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Access to campus

On Monday 18 May, more people will return to campus. Employees must have permission from their faculty/department head before starting work on campus. Students who are allowed to enter have been notified by email.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Work is underway to plan the teaching and use of campus in the autumn.

Work is underway to plan the teaching and use of campus in the autumn.

You must also have completed the infection prevention course and familiarised yourself with our transmission prevention guide. Students gain access to Gata at Campus Grimstad and Vilhelm Krag’s hall (vrimlehallen) and the library at Campus Kristiansand.

Teaching in the autumn semester

The goal is for students in all courses to be offered teaching on campus in the autumn, but often in combination with online teaching. We ask our lecturers to prepare their teaching plans with this in mind. See tutorial for attendance-based teaching alternatives. See the guide for alternative teaching methods.

It is quite clear that we cannot have large lectures on campus. The 1-metre rule is likely to apply at least throughout the year, and it significantly reduces the seating capacity of our classrooms and lecture halls. For example, the capacity of C2 035 in Grimstad will be reduced from over 300 to around 100 seats.

Work is now underway to plan the autumn schedules taking these considerations into account. Efforts are also made to see if, in addition to our own buildings, we can use premises off campus.