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Academic writing support reopens

Do you struggle with an academic text, a long reading list, or do you have writer’s block? Skrivestua, UiA’s Writing Centre, is an offer for students who need a hand.

The mentors at Skrivestua help students who need academic support.
The mentors at Skrivestua help students who need academic support, both in person and digitally. Photo: Maria van Schoor

“Many students need advice on how to write academic texts. Our mentors also give advice on how to efficiently read large amounts of text. The support from Skrivestua is there to help students feel more confident. "

This is what Marianne Tønnesen says. She is coordinator at Skrivestua and UiA PULS (Centre for Teaching and Learning).

The writing room is a low-threshold offer for everyone at UiA who wants guidance in academic writing and study techniques. The offer has only been available digitally during the pandemic. Now they are prepared to help students in-person again.

See below to find the opening hours and find out where in Kristiansand and Grimstad Skrivestua is located!

Eight student mentors can help

The writing centre is run by UiA PULS, through two coordinators and eight mentors. The mentors are students who have either written a bachelor's thesis or are well underway writing their master's thesis and have extensive experience with academic writing.

Skrivementorene hos Skrivestua sammen med koordinator Marianne Tønnesen.

FROM LEFT: The writing support mentors Lasse R. Jensen, Berina Jaganjac, Jørgen W. Tandberg, Ingebjørg N. Edland, Viona Salihu, and coordinator Marianne Tønnesen. Photo: Maria van Schoor

Skrivestua has received more than 400 digital bookings since January.

“Students still use the online tutoring. That is why we have chosen to keep it for a trial period while we reintroduce the drop-in tutoring on campus ", says Marianne Tønnesen.

Tønnesen stresses that everyone should have equal opportunities on campus. Through a collaboration with the international office, they also have an exchange student who is a native English speaker who can provide guidance on texts in English - both digitally and in person.

The offer will be expanded

“Students sometimes find it difficult to ask questions at a lecture or to ask a teacher directly. At Skrivestua, they can ask the questions to a mentor who has had the same experience as a student”, she says.

The offer was created by employees at UiA when they noticed that students felt insecure about their academic writing.

Koordinator for Skrivestua er Marianne Tønnesen.

Marianne Tønnesen, the writing centre coordinator and adviser at UiA PULS - Centre for Teaching and Learning. Photo: Maria van Schoor

“We believe that an offer such as Skrivestua can help prevent dropouts, especially since academic writing is such a large and important part of every study programme”, says Marianne Tønnesen.

That is why Skrivestua has started a pilot project in collaboration with the Academic Administrative Services Section offering tutoring to students who have Norwegian as a second language.

“There will be two language tutors on duty four days a week, and they will mainly support students who are non-native Norwegian speakers in the writing of academic texts,” she says.



Skrivestua is open until 17 December.

Campus Kristiansand (drop in) - Location: The University Library’s 2nd floor.

  • Monday 10:00-13:00 
  • Tuesday 9:00-14:00
  • Wednesday 12:00-16:00
  • Thursday 10:00-15:00
  • Friday 10:00-13:00


Campus Grimstad (drop in) - Location: Room A2 045.

  • Monday 10:00-12:00
  • Tuesday 12:00-14:00
  • Wednesday 10:00-13:00


For guidance in English and guidance in Norwegian for non-native speakers, book an appointment online. 

  • Book an appointment here.
  • The opening hours for guidance in English and guidance in Norwegian as a second language can be found here.