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Searchable for researchers worldwide!

The museum's zoological scientific collections are now searchable for researchers worldwide!

Photo of bird egg collection. Photo: Roar Solheim
Bird egg collection. Photo: Roar Solheim

The data for the zoological magazine collection and the collection of bird eggs have been entered into the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). Thus, the find information and data related to the magazine collections can be used by researchers outside the museum, and from all over the world, for various analyzes and compilations of datasets. Use of the data is credited through the citation system, so that the use and value of the collections is documented. This is of great value both for the museum and UiA, but also for everyone who depends on the data in their research.

The zoological magazine collection currently comprises 3,334 journal issues of birds and mammals, such as skins, skulls, skeletons, fragments and tissue samples. The collection of bird eggs includes 1239 registered journal numbers, a large part of which are unhatched kestrel eggs collected over 24 years from Hedmark.

New material and older material that is registered in the collections is gradually added to the GBIF database.

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