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Main exhibition - From the Ice Age to the Present

During the last 2.5 million years Earth has experienced over 40 ice ages interrupted by interglacial periods. We are currently going through an interglacial period. Our main exhibition From the Ice Age to the Present takes you through the last 10.000 years, from the last interglacial period through the last ice age and into the present. You will observe Norwegian animals in lifelike surroundings, and minerals and rocks associated with the different periods. This exhibition is unfortunately only presented in Norwegian.

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Current exhibition - Nature and Climate change

This year we present our current exhibition Nature and Climate Change by Curating Tomorrow. The exhibition gives you an insight into the current and future climate change challenges. Experience the exhibition and get acquainted with our strongest ally in the fight against climate change - nature. Visit the exhibition alone or join one of our guided tours.

foto av panda - curating tomorrow

Rock Exhibition

Outside the main entrance of the museum we present a beautiful Rock Exhibition with polished stoned from Agder. Each stone has a sign with information.