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Yuriy Rogovchenko



J2048 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
By appointment

Research interests: qualitative theory of ordinary, functional, and impulsive differential equations, perturbation methods, mathematical modeling in biology, social sciences and economics.

Work experience

M.S. degree (high honors), Kyiv State University, 1983 Ph.D. degree in differential equations from the Institute of Mathematics, Kyiv, 1987. Regular Associate, Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 2004-2011. CNR research scholarships (1993, 1995), CNR‐NATO guest fellowship (1997). Sørlandet kompetansefonds research award for 2016. Editor for 11 international journals. Lead guest editor for 2 special issues, Guest Editor for 9 special issues. Referee for over 70 international journals. Coordinator of PLATINUM (Partnership for Learning and Teaching in University Mathematics) (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in Higher Education). Coordinator of CPEA-ST-2019/10067 (Eurasia 2019). NFR project Cooperative Human Activity Recognition and Localization for Healthcare and Well-being. Erdös number 3.


Member of the work group "Complex networks and nonlinear production models for economic geography" under the COST Action IS1104 (2012-16).

Coordinator of the EU funded project 2018-1-NO01-KA203-038887 - PLATINUM (Partnership for Learning and Teaching in University Mathematics) (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in Higher Education)

Coordinator of the DIKU funded project CPEA-ST-2019/10067 - Development of students’ mathematical competencies through Digital Mathematical Modeling (DeDiMaMo)

Team member in the NFR funded project CareWell (Cooperative Human Activity Recognition and Localization for Healthcare and Wellbeing)

Scientific publications

  • Rogovchenko, Yuriy; Rogovchenko, Svitlana; Thomas, Stephanie (2018). Bergquist, Österholm M, Granberg, Sumpter L. Proceedings of the 42nd Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (Vol. 4). Umeå, Sweden: International Group for the psychology of Mathematics Education. ISBN 978-91-7601-905-4.. ISBN: 978-91-7601-905-4. International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. s 485.
  • Rogovchenko, Svitlana; Rogovchenko, Yuriy; Treffert-Thomas, Stephanie (2020). The Use of Nonstandard Problems in an Ordinary Differential Equations Course for Engineering Students Reveals Commognitive Conflicts.
  • Rogovchenko, Yuriy (2020). Using Activity Theory to Understand Tensions in an Extra-Curricular Mathematical Modeling Project with Biology Undergraduates.
  • Rogovchenko, Yuriy (2019). Mathematical modelling activity with biology undergraduates.
  • Rogovchenko, Yuriy; Vos, Pauline (2019). MERGA Strand 2 - The teaching & learning of Mathematics in non-mathematical practices.

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