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Stine Øyna

Assistant Professor

9I257 ( Universitetsveien 19, Kristiansand )

Educated economist from the Universtiy of Agder, with major in International Management and Strategy, and minor in Business management. Exchanged to College of Management in Tel Aviv, Israel. Experience from working at the South Norway European Office (in Brussels), and the Research management department (UiA), through Trainee Sør. Academic discipline is (internatinoal) entrepreneurship.

Participate in the organizing of the Business school's breakfast seminars.

Academic interests

Main area of interest is (international) entrepreneurship, in particular early internationalization (International New Ventures/born globals), and women in entrepreneurship. Lecturing ORG207, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Research group for Strategy. Innovation, and entrepreneurship


Scientific publications

  • Øyna, Stine (2017). International New Ventures: Development beyond inception.
  • Øyna, Stine (2017). En prat om hvorfor det er så få damer som er akademikere og entreprenører.
  • Øyna, Stine Alon, Ilan (2016). A systametic literature review of the Born Global and International New Venture literature.
  • Øyna, Stine (2016). International New Ventures and Born globals - strategies for growth and survival.
  • Øyna, Stine Almor, Tamar Tarba, Shlomo Ahammad, Mohammad (2015). Growing up is hard to do: Maturing born global companies in a high-tech environment.

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