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Solomon Kebede Gebremeskel

Assistant Professor

H2012 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I am a PhD research fellow at the Department of Global Development and Planning, University of Agder.  Currently, I am researching media practice by Ethiopian journalists working for International Public Broadcasters/IPBs/. It’s a study of media production to reach homeland audiences from international newsrooms based away from the homeland. The outlets produce and disseminate news content in different languages targeting audiences living in the native land of the journalists.

Three IPBs working in Ethiopian languages by Ethiopian journalists; run with German, British and U.S. financial and material backing are the empirical focus of the study. It tries to see the professional practice and role perception of the journalists through qualitative interviews, observation and document analysis.

My MA studies come from Ethiopia and Norway. My first thesis dealt with two important and crucial aspects of Ethiopian everyday life - environment awareness and radio. I used techniques of audience research including content analysis of media products to find out the success of a national environment-focused radio magazine. The MA project in Global Journalism at NLA examined the work of a group of young exiled Ethiopian journalists running an internet-based media (radio and text) that has most of its audience in Ethiopia. It investigates how the journalists who are expelled and some of them sentenced in absentia by the regime are trying to reach their mostly young audience at home from their countries of asylum in Africa, Europe, and the USA. Qualitative interviews, document & media content analysis were used.

My research interests include media and social movement, media and conflict, exile media, international public broadcasting, journalism practice and role perception.

Research interests

Media, social media, political activism, social movement, media and conflict, media and ethnicity, exile media, international public broadcasting, journalism practice and role perception

Work experience

I was a local broadcast journalist in Ethiopia. From my homeland, I have been freelancing for international media such as freelance producer for CNN Inside Africa. I have experience in NGO communication and outreach.

Worked as a communications staff at the Centre for International Health of the University of Bergen. I wrote news and feature articles on CIH's academic and research activities for UiB’s web. I was involved in audiovisual production projects.

Selected publications

Kebede, S., & Tveiten, O. (2023). Ethnicity as journalism paradigm: Polarization and political parallelism of Ethiopian news in transition. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 13(3), e202335. https://doi.org/10.30935/ojcmt/13333

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