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Ronald Mayora Synnes

Associate Professor

H3033 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I am a sociologist and currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Sociology and Social Work at UiA, and as an associate professor in intercultural studies at NLA University College. In 2019, I defended his dissertation at UiA with a doctoral dissertation on «Youth in immigrant congregations. A study of negotiations on religion, ethnicity and gender ».

Research interests

Ronald has a special focus on youth, religion, gender and ethnicity in his research. Ronald is doing a research project on the inclusion of young people and young adults outside of work, education or training, and the development of further education in inclusion competence at UiA. Agder kompetansefond finances the project.

Ronald has published several scientific articles. Among other, The Role of Religion in Young Muslims’ and Christians’ Selfpresentation on Social Media (2021), Ethnicity Negotiations: Strategies of Young Muslims and Christians (2018) and Gender and religious boundaries: Young Muslims and Christians' negotiation of gender (2019). For a detailed overview of publications and dissemination of research, see Cristin.

Scientific publications

  • Trysnes, Irene; Synnes, Ronald Mayora (2022). Minoritetsungdommers ytringsfrykt. Utforsk temaet religion og ytringsfrykt.
  • Synnes, Ronald Mayora (2022). Likestilling for framtida.
  • Synnes, Ronald Mayora (2022). Young religious Norwegians restrain themselves on social media.
  • Synnes, Ronald Mayora (2022). Once a pariah, Venezuela leader is now a life-saver for the West.

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