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Per Elias Drabløs


Programme Coordinator

K2029 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Per Elias Drabløs (b.1967) originally from Orkdal, Sør-Trøndelag, started his music studies in Kristiansand in 1987.


Regular member of the music group Secret Garden (www.secretgarden.no) since 1996.
The band has sold more than 5 million CD’s worldwide, and performs regularly in USA, England, China, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Ireland and Norway. Also performances in Taiwan, Canada, Singapore, Luxembourg, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Portugal and Mexico.

Drabløs has recorded and toured with a number of Scandinavian artists, covering a vast number of genres, and has participated on more than 80 released albums.

At UiA:

  • Principal instrument electric bass
  • Programme Coordinator/lecturer/supervisor Master studies


  • 2006–2010 PhD Programme, Norwegian Academy of Music (supervisor Stan Hawkins).
  • 1997 Players School of Music, Fl, USA (Jeff Berlin).
  • 1991–1992 Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, DK (Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Bo Stief, Jon Bruland).
  • 1987–1991 Agder Musikkonservatorium (Bjørn Kjellemyr, Terje Gewelt).

Topics of interest:

  • Popular musicology
  • Performance practice

Scientific publications

  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2015). The Quest for the Melodic Electric Bass. ISBN: 978-1-4724-3482-1. Ashgate. s 252.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2021). Studioinnspilling Happiness Choir Project.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2021). Studioinnspilling Frode Alnæs Lang Desember Natt.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2021). Turné Secret Garden 17 konserter.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2021). Konsert Sigvart Dagsland Tou kirke.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2021). Studioinnspilling Secret Garden Sacred Night Part II.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2021). Musikal Kristina frå Duvemåla.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2020). Musical Stories i Kilden, med Jannike Kruse og Espen Grjotheim.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2020). Studioinnspilling 'Sacred Night' – Secret Garden.
  • Norbakken, Hilde; Drabløs, Per Elias; Kristensen, Rolf (2020). Konsert med Hilde Norbakken Trio - Stream Kilden konserthus, Kristiansand Jazzvesen.
  • Drabløs, Per Elias (2020). Kilden kultur og Kristiansand Jazzvesen presenterer: Hilde Norbakken Trio.

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