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Øyvind Tønnesson

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

E2021 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
10 a.m - 4 p.m

I am a historian. I got my Cand.Philol. degree (MA) in History and Political Science (1997) and PhD in History (2013) at the University of Oslo. My work experience is rather broad:

1981-90: different positions in the Norwegian Postal Service

1990-93: political secretary in Socialist Left Party

1994-97: commentary journalist (substitute) at Dagbladet, leading liberal daily newspaper

1997-98: editor at Kunnskapsforlaget (Norwegian National Encyclopedia)

1998-2000: advisor/editor, The Norwegian Nobel Institute (Peace Prize section of what has been further developed into today's  Nobel website, www.nobelprize.org).

2000-15: lecurer/associate professor of contemporary history, Lillehammer University College

2005-08: researcher, Forum for Contemporary History, University of Oslo

At times I have been politically active in local communities where I have lived. sing and play my guitars when I get the opportunity, alone or together with others.  

Academic interests

I am coordinator of the undergraduate program of History at Agder University. I have a strong commitment to the idea that historical research and education is important both as a source of identity and critical perspectives in any community, from the local to the global.

My own teaching covers modern international history, broadly speaking. I am particularly interested in the making and development of international organizations in the 20thcentury, and the ideas and debates that both inspired, underpinned and resulted from that process. 

At Agder University I teach the courses Hi-115, Conflict and Peace. Ethical and Historical Perspectives and Hi-117, The World and Norway During the 20th Century. Presently, I am planning a new course on international organization in historical perspective.


I took part in a project on the history of the chemical corporation Norsk Hydro, 1995-97, and on The (assumed) Norwegian Peace Tradition (2005-2012) at the University of Oslo.

I am presently a member of the History section of Institute of Religion, Philosophy and History at Agder University and associated with the project The Invention of International Bureaucracy.The League of Nations and the Creation of International Public Administration,c. 1920-1960,at Aarhus University, Denmark. In the latter project I am studying how NGOs and transnational networks influenced the construction and agenda of the League of Nations.

I also work on a book with working title Christian L. Lange and the Cultural History of Internationalism, partly based on my PhD thesis,With Christian L. Lange as a Prism: A Study of Transnational Peace Politics(Univ. Of Oslo, 2013)

Scientific publications

  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2017). Flyktninger, fred og sikkerhet Moral eller realisme i Nobels fredspris’ historie. På vandring og på flukt. Migrasjon i historisk perspektiv. ISBN: 9788202574130. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. Artikkel. s 163 - 182.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2013). Folkeforbundet : en tragedie?. Krig og fred i det lange 20. århundre. ISBN: 978-82-02-43191-4. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. 9. s 211 - 234.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2005). Christian Lous Lange : (fredsprisen 1921). Norske nobelprisvinnere : fra Bjørnson til Kydland. Universitetsforlaget. s 83 - 115.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2005). Fleksibilisering av grunnfagsstudiet i samtidshistorie : et prosjekt som gikk i grøfta?. Til å bli klok av ... : et knippe prosjekterfaringer 2004. Norgesuniversitetet. faglig_bok_institusjon. s 177 - 187.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2005). Hvorfor ikke Gandhi?. Tanker om fred. Nobels fredssenter. faglig_bok_institusjon.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2005). Internasjonalisten Christian L. Lange : representant for en norsk fredstradisjon?. Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge). ISSN: 0018-263X. 84 (2). s 311 - 324.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2002). Nordisk råd 1952-2002. 50 år : Nordisk råd 1952-2002 : til nordisk nytte?. Nordisk råd. faglig_bok_institusjon. s 11 - 150.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2001). Trends in Nobel Peace Prize in the twentieth century. ?. 26 (4). s 433 - 442.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2001). With Fascism on the Doorstep: the Nobel Institution in Norway 1940-1945. The Nobel e-Museum. Nobelstiftelsen. faglig_bok_institusjon. s 1 - 11.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2018). 50 år etter: 1968 – et oversiktsbilde.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2018). Kommentar til Terje Tvedt knyttet til hans "Det internasjonale gjennombruddet"(2017).
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2018). Høyrepopulisme i Skandinavia – årsaker og muliger virkninger.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2018). 11.11.1918 – FRED?.
  • Tønnesson, Øyvind (2018). 1968 – myte, milepæl eller vendepunkt?.

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